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The Need for Americans’ to Stay Informed


To my fellow citizens, we all have to be informed and invested in our country’s political system. It seems like some of us are much too polarized while others polarizingly unaware. That’s not a word. Anyways, remember that it’s politics that determines our identity as Americans, first and foremost. Generations of Americans that have preceded us and dating all the way back to when they was no such thing as being being American, it was staying informed, taking charge in the formation of a new country and it’s rules, the relationship between the individual and the collective state and taking part individually and collectively in participating in the relationship. Providence agreed with what defined a new people in a new world that were American in their hearts and minds even before they were the America of the United States. Being united means being on the same page. We’re not a nation of blood of soil so it’s principles and values that bind us, right? Staying informed or picking up a newspaper is not a chore but your constitutionally charged responsibility. Though we may not share the same principles and values and some may not even have or care to understand the values of others while some say it’s elite to even debate such nonsense while they’re at work just living day to day slowly disengaging themselves from the body politic, something rightfully theirs, ordained to them by god and codified in law through sacrifices made by their very own forefathers. So a part of us, through disengagement..little by little, and then more generation by generation have disengaged ourselves almost completely from the political state. And by political state, I don’t mean the political state on the news or having/following/brainwashed by a political ideology, I mean getting involved in understanding and then contributing ourselves in what makes for a prosperous nation and a prosperous state—a prosperous Nation State!
Since we don’t believe in that Blood and Soil bull jive that at the time of our founding almost every country on Earth employed, our ancestors and the generations that succeeded them instead defined themselves, the American people- as a combination of the nation as us and the state as a government for the people, by the people and of the people. Through luck and grit, good and evil, perfect and ever perfecting more, 254 years have aged our nation state significantly. Our nation is asleep at the wheel and the wheels of our state are slowly withering away before our very eyes. Let’s stay engaged and make sure we all register to vote for somebody deserving of our vote. If don’t find any, run yourself. I know I will.

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