Du’a Nasiri الدعاء الناصري

Du’a Nāṣiri



O You to Whose mercy one flees!
You in Whom the one in need and distress seeks refuge!
O Master, You Whose pardon is near!
O You Who help all who call on Him!
There is nothing more majestic than Your immense power
and nothing mightier than the might of Your force.
Kings are humbled to the might of Your domain
 and You lower or elevate whomever You wish.
The entire affair returns to You,
and the release or conclusion of all matters is in Your hand.
We have presented our affair before You,
and we complain to You of our weakness.
Have mercy on us, O You Who know our weakness
and continue to be merciful.
Look at what we have experienced from people!
Our state among them is as You see.
Our troops are few and our wealth is little.
Our power has declined among groups.
They have weakened our solidarity and strength
 and diminished our numbers and our preparation.
O You Whose kingdom cannot be pillaged,
give us shelter by Your rank which is never overcome!
O Succour of the poor, we trust in You!
O Cave of the weak, we rely on You!
You are the One on Whom We call to remove our adversities,
and You are the One we hope will dispel our sorrows.
You have such concern for us that we cannot hope
for protection which comes through any other door.
We rush to the door of Your bounty
and You honour the one You enrich by Your gift.
You are the One Who guides when we are misguided.
You are the One who pardons when we slip.
You have full knowledge of all You have created
and encompassing compassion, mercy and forbearance.
There is no one in existence more lowly than we are
nor poorer and more in need of what You have than us.
O you of vast kindness! O You Whose good encompasses all mankind,
and no other is called on!
O Saviour of the drowning! O Compassionate!
O rescuer of the lost! O Gracious Bestower!
Words are lacking, O Hearing, O Answerer!
The cure is difficult, O Swift! O Near!
To you, our Lord, we have stretched out our hands
 and from You, our Lord, we hope for kindness.
Be kind to us in what You decree
and let us be pleased with what pleases You.
O Allah, change the state of hardship
for ease and help us with the wind of victory.
Give us victory over the aggressors
and contain the evil among those who asked for it.
Overpower our enemy, O Mighty, with a force
which disorders them and crushes them.
Overturn what they desire and make their efforts fail,
defeat their armies and unsettle their resolve.
O Allah, hasten Your revenge among them
 They cannot stand before Your power.
O Lord, O Lord, Our protection is by Your love,
and by the might of Your help.
Be for us and do not be against us.
Do not leave us to ourselves for a single instant.
We have no power of defence
nor have we any device to bring about our benefit.
We do not aim for other than Your noble door,
we do not hope for other than Your encompassing bounty.
Thoughts only hope for Your blessing
by the simple fact that you say ‘Be” and it is
O Lord, O Lord, arrival is by You
 to what You have and seeking the means is by You!
O Lord, You are our high pillar of support!
O Lord, You are our impregnable fortress.
O Lord, O Lord, give us security
when we travel and when we remain.
O Lord, preserve our crops and herds,
and preserve our trade and make our numbers more!
Make our land a land of the religion
 and a repose for the needy and the poor.
Give us force among the lands as well as respect,
impregnability and a polity.
Appoint it its might from the protected secret,
and grant it protection by the beautiful veiling.
By sad, qaf and nun,
place a thousand veils in front of it.
By the rank of the light of Your noble Face
and the rank of the secret of Your immense kingdom,
And the rank of ‘la ilaha illa’llah’
and the rank of the Best of Creation, O our Lord,
And the rank of that by which the Prophets prayed to You
and the rank of that by which the Saints pray to you,
And the rank of the power of the Qutb and the Awtad
and the rank of the Jaras and Afrad,
And the rank of the Akhyar and the rank of Nujaba’
 and the rank of the Abdal and the rank of the Nuqaba’,
And the rank of every one worshipping and doing dhikr
and the rank of everyone praising and giving thanks,
And the rank of everyone whose worth You elevated
both those who are concealed and those whose renown has spread,
And the ranks of the established ayats of the Book
and the rank of the Greatest Supreme Name,
O Lord, O Lord, make us stand as fuqara’
before You, weak and lowly.
We call to You with the supplication of the one
who calls on a noble Lord who does not turn aside those who call.
Accept our supplication with Your pure grace,
with the acceptance of someone who sets aside the fair reckoning.
Bestow on us the favour of the Generous,
and show us the kindness of the Forbearing.
O Merciful, extend Your mercy over us
and spread Your blessing over us, O Generous.
Choose for us in all our words
and select for us in all our actions.
O Lord, make it our habit to cling and devote ourselves
to the resplendent Sunna.
Confine our manifold desires to You
and grant us full and complete gnosis.
Combine both knowledge and action for us,
and direct our hopes to the Abiding Abode.
O Lord, make us follow the road of the fortunate
and make our seal the Seal of the martyrs, O Lord!
Make our sons virtuous and righteous,
scholars with action and people of good counsel.
O God, remedy the situation of the people
and, O God, make the reunification easy.
O Lord, grant Your clear victory to the one
who takes charge and empowers the religion,
And help him, O You Who are forbearing, and help his party
and fill his heart with what will make him pleasing to you.
O Lord, help our Muhammadan religion
and make it end mighty as it began.
Preserve it, O Lord, through the preservation of the scholars,
and raise the minaret of its light to heaven.
Pardon, grant well-being, make up for our deficiency
and forgive our sins and the sins of every Muslim, O our Lord.
O Lord, bless the Chosen one
with your perfect prayer of blessing.
Your prayer is that which grants success in his affair
 as befits his lofty worth.
Then bless his noble family and glorious Companions
and those who have followed them.
Praise belongs to Allah by whose praise
 those with an aim completely fulfil that aim.

-Translation by Aisha Bewley from http://www.bogvaerker.dk/NasiriDua.pdf



يَـــا مَـــنْ إلَـــى رَحْـمَـتِـهِ الْـمَـفَـرُّ        ومَـــنْ إلَــيْــهِ يَـلْـجَــأُ الْـمُـضَّـطَـرُ
وَيَــا قَـرِيــبَ الْـعَـفْـوِ يَـــا مَـــوْلاَهُ      وَيَـــا مُـجِـيـبَ كُـــلِّ مَـــن دَعَــــاهُ
بِـكَ اسْتَغَثْـنَـا يَــا مُغِـيـثَ الضُّعَـفَـا      فَحَسْـبُـنَـا يَـــا رَبِّ أَنـــت وَكَــفَــى
فَــلاَ أَجَــلَّ مِـــن عـظـيـم قُـدْرَتِــكْ      وَلاَ أَعَــزَّ مِــنْ عَـزِيــزِ سَـطْـوَتِـكْ
لـعــز مُـلْـكِـكَ الْـمُـلُــوكُ تَـخْـضَــعُ      تَخْفِـضُ قـدر مَـن تَـشَـاءُ وَتَـرْفَـعُ
وَالأَمْـــــــرُ كُـــلُّــــهُ إلَـــيْــــك رَدُّهُ      وَبِــيَــدَيْـــكَ حَـــلُّــــهُ وَعَــــقْــــدُهُ
ونـحـن قــد رفعـنـا أَمْـرَنَــا إلـيــك      وَقَــــدْ شَـكَـوْنَــا ضَـعْـفَـنَـا إلَــيْــكَ
فَارْحَمْنَـا يَـا مَـن لاَ يَــزَالُ عَالِـمًـا      بـحـالــنــا وَلاَ يَــــــزَالُ رَاحِـــمـــاً
وَانْظُرْ إلَى مَـا مَسْنَـا مـن الْـوَرَى      فَحَالُـنَـا مِــن بَيْنِـهِـمْ كَـمَــا تَـــرَى
قـــد قـــل وفـرنــا و قـــل جـمـنــا      وانحـط مـا بيـن الجـمـوع قـدرنـا
واستضعـفـونـا شــــدة وشــوكــة      وستـنـقـصـونـا عـــــدة وعــــــدة
وَنَـحْـنُ يَــا مَــن مُلْـكُـهُ لاَ يُسْـلَـبُ      لُـذْنَــا بِـجَـاهِـكَ الَّـــذِي لاَ يُـغْـلَــبُ
إلَـيْـكَ يَــا غَــوْثَ الذَّلِـيـلِ نَسْـتَـنِـدْ      عَلَيْـكَ يَـا كَهْـفَ الضَّعِيـفِ نَعْتَـمِـدْ
مِـنـكَ الْعِنَـايَـةُ الْـتِــي لاَ نَـرْتَـجِـي      حِمَـايَـةً مِــنْ غَـيْـرِ بَابِـهَـا تَـجِــي
أَنـــتَ الَّـــذِي تَـهْــدِي إذَا ضَلََـلْـنَـا      أَنـــتَ الَّــــذِي تَـعْـفُــو إذَا زَلَـلْـنَــا
يَا وَاسِـعَ الإحْسَـانِ يَـا مَـنْ خَيْـرُهُ      عَــمَّ الْــوَرَى وَلاَ يُـنَــادَى غَـيْــرُهُ
وَسِـعْـتَ كُــلَّ مَـــا خَـلَـقْـتَ عِـلْـمًـا      وَرَأْفَــــــةً وَرَحْـــمَـــةً وَحِــلْــمًـــا
وَقَـــــدْ مَــدَدْنَـــا رَبَّــنَـــا الأَكُــفَّـــا      وَمِـنــكَ رَبَّـنَــا رَجَــوْنَــا الـلُّـطْـفَـا
فَــأَبْــدِلِ الـلَّـهُــمَّ حَــــالَ الْـعُــسْــرِ      بِالْيُـسْـرِ وَامْـدُدْنَـا بِـرِيـحِ النَّـصْـرِ
وَاَجْعَـلْ لَنَـا عَـلَـى الْبُـغَـاةِ الْغَلَـبَـهْ      وَاقْصُرْ أَذَى الشَّرِّ عَلَى مَنْ طَلَبَـهْ
وَاَنْصُـرْ حِمَـانَـا يَــا قَــوِيُّ نَـصْـرا      وَاقْـهَـرْ عِـدَانَـا يَــا عَـزِيـزُ قَـهْــرا
وَاعْكِسْ مُرَادَهُـمْ وَخَيِّـبْ سَعْيَهُـمْ      وَاهْـزِمْ جُمُوعَهُـمْ وَأَفْسِـدْ رَأْيَـهُـمْ
وَعَـجِّــل الـلَّـهُـمَّ فِـيـهِــمْ نِـقْـمَـتَـكْ      فَـإنَّـهُــمْ لاَ يُـعْــجِــزُونَ قُــدْرَتَـــكْ
وَكُــــنْ لَــنَــا وَلاَ تَــكُــنْ عَـلَـيْـنَــا      وَلاَ تَـكِــلْــنَــا طَـــرْفَــــةً إلَــيْـــنَـــا
يَـــا رَبِّ يَـــا رَبِّ بِــــكَ الـتَّـوَسُــلُ      لِــمَــا لَــدَيْــكَ وَبِـــــكَ الـتَّــوَصُّــلُ
يَـــا رَبِّ أَنــــتَ رُكْـنُـنَــا الـرَّفِـيــعُ      يَـــا رَبِّ أَنـــتَ حِصْـنُـنَـا الْـمَـنِـيـعُ
يَـــا رَبِّ يَــــا رَبِّ أَنِـلْـنَــا الأَمْــنَــا      إذَا ارْتَــحَــلْــنَـــا وَإذَا أَقَـــمْـــنَــــا
وَاَجْـعَـلْ بِـصَـادٍ وَبِـقَـافٍ وَبِـنُــونْ      أَلْفَـي حِجَـابٍ مِـن وَرَائِـنَـا تَـكُـونْ
بِــــــجَــــــاهِ لاَ إلَـــــــــــــهَ إلاّ اللهُ      وَجَــاهِ خَـيْــرِ الْـخَـلْـقِ يَـــا رَبّـــاهُ
وَجَـــاهِ مَـــا بِـــهِ دَعَـــاكَ الأَنـبِـيَـا      وَجَــاهِ مَـــا بِـــهِ دَعَـــاكَ الأَوْلِـيَــا
وَجَــاهِ كُـــلِّ مَـــن رَفَـعْــتَ قَـــدْرَهُ      مِـمَّـن سَـتَـرْتَ أَوْ أَشَـعْـتَ ذِكْـــرَهُ
وَجَـــاهِ آيَـــاتِ الْـكِـتَـابِ الْمُـحْـكَـمِ      وَجَــاهِ الاسْــمِ الأَعْـظَــمِ الْمُـعَـظَّـمِ
رَبِّ دَعَـوْنَـاكَ دُعَــاءَ مَـــن دَعَـــا      رَبًّــا كَرِيـمـاً لاَ يَــرُدُّ مَــن سَـعَــى
فَاقْبَـلْ دُعَـاءَنَـا بِمَـحْـضِ الْفَـضْـلِ      قُبُـولَ مَــنْ أَلْـقَـى حِـسَـابَ الْـعَـدْلِ
وَامْـنُــنْ عَـلَـيْـنَـا مِــنَّــةَ الْـكَـرِيــمِ      وَاعْـطِـفْ عَلَيْـنَـا عِطْـفَـةَ الْحَـلِـيـمِ
وَانشُـرْ عَلَيْنَـا يَـا رَحِـيـمُ رَحْمَـتَـكْ      وَابْسُـطْ عَلَيْـنَـا يَــا كَـرِيـمُ نِعْمَـتَـكْ
وَخِــرْ لَـنَـا فِـــى سَـائِــرِ الأَقْـــوَالِ      وَاخْتَـرْ لَـنَـا فِــي سَـائِـرِ الأَحْــوَالِ
وَاجْمَـعْ لَنَـا مَـا بَيْـنَ عِلْـمٍ وَعَـمَـلْ      وَاصْرِفْ إلى دَارِ الْبَقَا مِنَّـا الأَمَـلْ
وَانْهَـجْ بِنَـا يَـا رَبِّ نَهْـجَ السُّـعَـدَا      وَاخْتِـمْ لَنَـا يَـا رَبِّ خَـتْـمَ الشُّـهَـدَا
وَأَصْـلِــح الـلَّـهُــمَّ حَــــالَ الأَهْــــلِ      وَيَـسِّــرْ الـلَّـهُـمَّ جَــمْــعَ الـشَّـمْــلِ
وَاقْـضِ لَنَـا أَغْرَاضَـنَـا الْمُخْتَلِـفَـهْ      فِـيــكَ وَعَـرِّفْـنَـا تَـمَــامَ الْمَـعْـرِفَـهْ
يَـا رَبِّ وَانصُـرْ دِينَـنَـا الْمُحَـمَّـدِي      وَاجْـعَـلْ خِـتَـامَ عِــزِّهِ كَـمَـا بُـــدِي
وَاعْفُ وَعَافِ وَاكْفِ وَاغْفِرْ ذَنْبَنَا      وَذَنْـــبَ كُـــلِّ مُـسْـلِـمٍ يَــــا رَبَّــنَــا
وَصَــلِّ يَـــا رَبِّ عَـلَــى الْمُـخْـتَـارِ      صَــلاَتَـــكَ الْـكَـامِــلَــةَ الْــمِــقْــدَارِ
صَــلاَتَــكَ الَّــتِــي تَــفِــي بِــقَــدْرِهِ      كَــمَــا يَـلِـيــقُ بِـارْتِـفَــاعِ ذِكْـــــرِهِ
ثُـــمَّ عَـلَــى الآلِ الْـكِــرَامِ وَعَـلَــى      أَتْبَـاعِـهِ الْـغُــرِّ وَمَـــن لَـهُــمْ تَـــلاَ
وَالْـحَــمْــدُ للهِ الَّـــــذِي بِــحَــمْــدِهِ      يَبْـلُـغُ ذُو الْـقَـصْـدِ تَـمَــامَ قَـصْــدِهِ





Hizb al-Nasr


Translation, Transliteration and Original:

حزب النصر
Hizb al-Nasr

اللهم بسطوة جبروت قهرك، وبسرعة إغاثة نصرك، وبغيرتك لانتهاك حرماتك، وحمايتك لمن احتمى بآياتك،
Allahumma bisatwati jabarouti qahrika, wa bisorati ighathati nasrika, wa bighayratika li ntihaki horumaika, wa himayatika liman ihtama bi ayatik.
O Allah, by the force of the absolute power with which You triumph, and the quickness of Your succour when You aid to victory, and Your jealousy at the violation of things You have made sacrosanct, and by Your protection of him who seeks safety in Your verses:


نسألك يا الله يا سميع يا قريب يا مجيب يا سريع يا منتقم يا شديد البطش يا جبار يا قهار يا من لا يعجزه قهر الجبابرة ولا يعظم عليه هلاك المتمردة من الملوك والأكاسرة أن تجعل كيد من كادنا في نحره ومكر من مكر بنا عائدا عليه، وحفرة من حفر لنا واقعا فيها ومن نصب لنا شبكة الخداع، اجعلها ياسيدي مساقا إليها ومصادا فيها وأسيرا لديها،
Nas’aloka ya Allah,ya Samee’o,ya Qareebo, ya Saree’o, ya Montaqimo, ya Shadeeda l-batshi, ya Jabbaro, ya Qahhar, ya man la yo’jizohu qahro l-jababirati mina l-molooki wa l-akasirah, an taj’ala kayda man kadana fi nahrihi, wa makra man mkara bina ‘a’idan ‘alayhi, wa hofrata man hafara lana waqi’an fiha, wa man nasaba lana shabakata l-khida’i j’alho ya sayyidi mosaqan fiha, wa mosadan fiha, wa ‘aseeran ladayha.
I ask You, O Allah, O All-near, O All-hearing, O All-answering, O Ever-swift, O Vengeful, O Mighty of Assault: O Compeller, O Invincible, O You who are undeterred by the might of tyrants, and to whom the destruction of rebellious traitors, of kings and caesars, is very easy: make the trap of him who sets one for me cut his own throat; the plot of him who plots against me return against him; and make him who digs a pit for me fall in it himself; And he who spreads a web of treachery for me, make him, My Lord, driven to it and caught in it.


اللهم بحق كهيعص اكفنا هم العدا ولقهم الردا واجعلهم لكل حبيب فدا. وسلط عليهم عاجل النقمة في اليوم والغدا.
Allahomma bihaqqi Kaf ha ya ‘ayn sad ikfina hamma l-ida. Wa laqqihimo r-rada. Wa j’alhom likolli habibin fida. Wa sallit ‘alayhim ‘ajila n-naqmati fi l-yawmi wa l-ghada.
O Allah, by the right of Kaf Ha Ya ‘Ayn Sad relieve us of the worry of enemies, let them meet with death, make them the ransom of every beloved, and loose upon them a speedy vengeance, day and night.


اللهم بدد شملهم. اللهم فرق جمعهم. اللهم أقلل عددهم. اللهم فل حدهم. اللهم اجعل الدائرة عليهم. اللهم وأوصل العذاب إليهم. اللهم أخرجهم عن دائرة الحلم. واسلبهم مدد الإمهال. وغل أيديهم وأرجلهم واشدد على قلوبهم ولا تبلغهم الآمال.
Allahomma baddid shamlahom. Allahomma farriq jam’ahom. Allahomma aqlil adadahom. Allahomma folla haddahom. Allahomma j’ali d-da’irata ‘alayhim. Allahomma awsili l-athaba ilayhim. Allahomma akhrijhom min da’irati l-hilm. Wa slobhom madada l-imhal. Wa gholla aydeehim wa arjolohom, wa shdod ‘ala qoloobihim, wa la toballighohomo l-a’amal.
O Allah, scatter their company; O Allah shatter their unity; O Allah, lessen their number; O Allah, blunt their edge; O Allah, turn fate against them; O Allah, unleash torment upon them; O Allah, banish them from the circle of clemency, and strip them of the benefit of postponement, and fetter their hands and feet, and blind their hearts, and give them no hope.

اللهم مزقهم كل ممزق مزقته لأعدائك انتصارا لأنبيائك ورسلك وأوليائك
Allahomma mazzikhom kolla momazzaqin mazzaqtaho li ‘a’daaika n-tisaran li anbiya’ika wa rosolika wa awliya’k.
O Allah, rend them utterly to pieces, as You have rent Your enemies, to win the day for Your prophets, messengers and You beloved ones.

اللهم انتصر لنا انتصارك لأحبابك على أعدائك (3)
Allahomma n-tassir lana n-tisaraka li ahbabika ‘ala a’daa’ik. (3)
O Allah, give us the victory You give to those You love over Your enemies. (3)

(اللهم لا تمكن الأعداء فينا ولا تسلطهم علينا بذنوبنا (3
Allahomma la tomakkini l-a’daa’a fina, wa la tosallithom ‘alayna bi-thonoobina (3)
O Allah, do not let Your enemies defeat us, nor give them power over us because of our sins. (3)

حم، حم، حم، حم، حم، حم، حم
Ha Mim, Ha Mim, Ha Mim, Ha Mim, Ha Mim, Ha Mim, Ha Mim,
Ha Mim, Ha Mim, Ha Mim, Ha Mim, Ha Mim, Ha Mim, Ha Mim,

حم الأمر وجاء النصر فعلينا لا ينصرون
Homma l-amro wa ja’a n-nasro fa ‘alayna la yonsaroon.
The matter be done; the victory come; against us they shall not be helped.

حمعسق حمايتنا مما نخاف.
Hamim ‘Ayn Sin Qaf himayatona mimma nakhaf.
Ha Mim ‘Ayn Sin Qaf is our protection from what we fear.

اللهم قنا شر الأسواء ولاتجعلنا محلا للبلواء. اللهم أعطنا أمل الرجاء وفوق الأمل.
Allahomma qina sharra l-aswa’i, wa la taj’alna mahallan lil balwa. Allahomma a’tina amala r-raja’i wa fawqa l-amal.
O Allah, shield us from the evil of iniquities, and make us not a place of tribulation. O Allah, give us cause to hope, and more than hope.

يا هو يا هو يا هو
Ya hoo. Ya hoo. Ya hoo
O You, O You, O You,

يا من بفضله لفضله نسألك العجل العجل. إلهي، الإجابة الإجابة.
Ya man bifadhlihi lifadhlihi, nas’aloka l-‘ajala l-‘ajal. Ilahi l-‘ijabata l-ijabah.

O You from whose favor we ask of His favor that it be fast, fast, fast. O my God, An answer, An answer.

يا من أجاب نوحا في قومه، يا من نصر إبراهيم على أعدائه، يا من رد يوسف على يعقوب. يا من كشف ضر أيوب. يا من أجاب دعوة زكريا. يا من قبل تسبيح يونس بن متى.
Ya man ajaba Nouhan fi qawmih, ya man nasara Ibrahim ‘ala a’daa’ih, ya man radda Yousofa ‘ala Ya’qoob, ya man kashafa dhorra Ayyoub, ya man ajaba da’wata Zakariyya, ya man qabila tasbeeha Younosa bni Matta.
O You who answered Noah about his people. O You who made Abraham triumphant over his foes. O You who reunited Joseph with Jacob. O You who lifted the affliction of Job. O You who answered the prayer of Zachariah. O You who accepted the praises of Jonah son of Amittai.

نسألك بأسرار هذه الدعوات أن تقبل ما به دعوناك، وأن تعطينا ما سألناك. أنجز لنا وعدك الذي وعدته لعبادك المؤمنين.
Nas’aloka bi-asrari hathihi d-da’awat an taqbala ma bihi da’awnak, wa an to’tiyana ma sa’alnak Anjiz lana wa’daka l-athi wa’adtaho li ‘ibadika l-mo’mineen.
O Allah, by the secrets of those supplications, beseech You to accept our supplications, and give us what we have asked, and keep Your promise You have given Your believing servants.

لا إله إلا أنت سبحانك إني كنت من الظالمين.
La ilaha illa anta, sobhanaka, inni konto mina dhalimeen.
“There is no god but You. Exalted is Your perfection; verily I was of the wrongdoers”

انقطعت آمالنا وعزتك إلا منك، وخاب رجاؤنا وحقل إلا فيك.
Inqata’at aamalona, wa izzatoka, illa mink. Wa khaba raja’ona, wa haqqoka, illa feek.
Our wishes come to nothing- I swear by Your might- except from You; and our hopes are dashed- I swear by Your right- except in You.

إن أبطأت غارة الأرحام وابتعدت، فأقرب الشيء منا غارة الله.
In abta’at gharato l-arahami wa bta’adat, fa aqrabo sh-shay’i minna gharato l-Lah.
If the rescue raid of kinsmen be slow and far off, the nearest thing to us is the rescue raid of Allah.

يا غارة الله جدي السير مسرعة في حل عقدتنا.
Ya gharata l-Lahi, jiddi s-sayra mosri’atan li halli ‘oqadatina.
O raid of Allah, fly with haste to end our plight.

يا غارة الله عدت العادون وجاروا ورجون الله مجيرا.
Ya gharata l-Lahi, ‘adati l-‘adoon wa jarou, wa rajawna l-Laha mojeera.
O raid of Allah, wrongdoers have assailed us and transgressed; and Allah we seek as protector.

وكفى بالله وليا وكفى بالله نصيرا.
Wa kafa bi l-Lahi waliyan wa kafa bi l-Lahi naseera.
And Allah suffices as friend; and Allah suffices as helper.

وحسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
Wa hasbona l-Laho wa ni’ma l-wakeel.
“Allah suffices us and is best to rely on”

ولا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله العلي العظيم
Wa la hawla wa la qowata illa bi l-Lahi l-Aliyyi l-Adheem.
“There is no power or strength except through Allah, the High, the All-great”

سلام على نوح في العالمين
Salamon ‘ala Nouhin fi l-‘alameen.
Peace be with Noah among people.

استجب لنا آمين.
Istajib lana, ameen.
Answer us. Ameen.

فقطع دابر القوم الذين ظلموا والحمد لله رب العالمين
Fa qoti’a dabiro l-qawmi l-latheen dhalamoo, wa l-hamdo li-Lahi rabbi l-‘alameen.
“the wrongdoing folk were extirpated, and praise be to Allah Lord of the Worlds”

وصلى الله على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه وسلم.
Wa salla l-Laho ‘ala sayyidina Mohammadin wa ‘ala aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam.
Allah bless our liegelord Mohammad, and his folk and Companions, and truly give them peace.

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