Every night, every day

Lyrics and


Har shab manam futada, Ba girde sarai e tou
Har roz ah o nala kunam az barai e tou


Every night have I fallen, around the circle of Thy tavern
every day, do I wail and cry, in yearning of Thee 

 Jana ba iin shakista dil-bewafa ma shou
Umre guzasht ta shuda am aashina e tou


O Love, turn not thy gaze from this broken hearted one
for a lifetime has been spent, in getting to know Thee 

Rozay ke zarra zarra shavad, ustakhan-e-man
Ba shad hanoz dar dil-e-veesham hava e tou


when my bones are nothing but shattered bits
may my heart carry on its quest of Thee

 Bar hal-e-zar-e-man nazar-e-kun ze raahay lutf
Tu Badshah-e-husni o Khusrau gada e tou


 Let thy Grace fall on my blighted self
Thou art the Lord of Grace, and Khusrau but a beggar of Thee 


Recital: Taj Muhammad Shad Muhammad Nasir Niazi Qawwal
Video credit: Mahera Omar, Karachi
English translation ~ Farrokh Namazi

From: http://qawwal.blogspot.com/2012/04/har-shab-manam-futada-amir-khusrau.html




6 thoughts on “Every night, every day

    • Salaams ‘Arif
      I hope this finds you well. I did credit the translator, performers, and lyrics. I’ve added the link to your blog as the source as you requested. The omission was not intentional.


      • just gonna say, even though this may line up with the lyrics in the video it is still not the correct poetry that was penned by khisrau. You may have copied from him but you still forgot to correct it. I would like to remind you that sometimes when qawwals recite they are forced to alter some of the verses to keep track with the flow of the qawwali. Thus:
        “janaan bia ba-bin to shakista dilli-man
        umre guziishta ast manam aashinai-to”

        turns into:

        “Jana ba iin shakista dil-bewafa ma shou
        Umre guzasht ta shuda am aashina e tou”

        I may not know as much as you in poetry or Persian itself, but please make sure an idiot like me doesn’t go out of this link miseducated.

        ps. I really liked your whole blog thing, want to start one of my own now.

  1. A fantastic voice of USTAD NUSRAT FATHE ALI KHAN ,After listen the qawalis of nusrat i fell relax and my wish to listen again and again Many Pakistan generation from Indonesia . We love Nusrat fatteh Ali Khan the great voice in the world muslim people.This is great i really miss nusrat.All the qawalies of IS THis person best admipation of ALLAH,which realizes me that ALLAH is one and omnipresent,

  2. Amir Khusraw’s beautiful lyrics in Persian, the most evocative and sweet language, is a tribute to the pining and longing for the beloved. In this particular lyric by Khusraw it is for his Pir and Murshid Hazrat Nizamuddin Awliya and they transcend the human and the material to symbolise the soul’s yearning for the Creator.

  3. You deleted Recital: Taj Muhammad Shad Muhammad Nasir Niazi Qawwal video and it’s not there anywhere online. It was my fav version ever. Please do bring it back if you can. Thank you

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