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New Equipment at Hemenway!


Here’s some extra motivation for hitting the gym:

AB Originals
Non-bouncing Plyoballs
First Place Elite Medicine Balls
TRX Suspension Trainers
Airex Balance Pads
Power Wheels
Olympic Combo Hex Bar
Stretch Out Straps
Fit Loops
Plymetric Boxes
Slastix All Purpose Resistance Bands
Foam Rollers


Moving Out?


Moving out?

Not sure what do with all that STUFF?



Donations will be distributed to local charities and animal shelters by

Harvard Habitat for Humanity and the HLS Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF)

From now through May 28th bring donations to bins between Hark and Story, in the Hark (near the ramp), in the Pound basement mailroom, in the North common room,

or in the Hastings basement (under the stairs near the kitchen).

LINENS AND TOWELS (please place in SALDF’s boxes)



SHOES (tied together)






ROOM SUPPLIES (fans, crates, bulletin boards, blocks)

FOOD (non-perishable)

Donate almost anything in usable condition except for dishware and utensils “borrowed” from the Hark—please return these items! If you would like a receipt for your donations, e-mail Timothy at

Benefiting charities include Habitat for Humanity, the Cambridge YWCA Family Shelter, Greater Boston Food Bank, Unite for Sight, Better World Books, Students United to Fight Hunger, and local animal shelters.

And don’t forget about HLS e-waste recycling:

Recycle batteries, cell phones, all cords & cables, chargers, CDs, DVDs, USB keys, CFLs (cushioned and sealed), and other small electronic waste in buckets in the Pound basement mailroom, Pound 3rd floor, Langdell Circulation Desk, 125 Mt. Auburn lobby, Hauser basement Help Desk, or outside the Facilities Office on Holmes 1.

Larger items such as printers, hard drives, computer monitors, etc, can be taken to the ITS Help Desk in the basement of Hauser; small e-waste items with sensitive stored data can also be dropped off to ITS for secure destruction and recycling.

Brought to you by the HLS Green Living Program and Harvard Recycling

DOS Midnight Pancake Breakfast Tonight!


Don’t forget about the Dean of Students Midnight Pancake Breakfast tonight!

When: 10:30 pm – 12:30 am
Where: The Hark
Why: Because we all need to gorge on breakfast food this time of year.

Hope to see you there!

Leaders Summit Postponed


Sorry for all the confusion, but we have decided to postpone the Leaders Summit until the fall when more people will be able to attend.

Thanks for understanding!

HLS Leaders Summit


Dear Student Organization Leaders,

At long last, the much-anticipated leaders summit will be held this Monday!

HLS Leaders Summit
Monday, April 26th
Ropes Gray

Hosted by HLS Student Government
Event Raffle Sponsored by DOS

This event brings together current and incoming leaders from all student organizations to share ideas and to begin collaborating on future events. Your Student Government will be hosting a beer and wine bar and other refreshments.

We encourage all rising student organization presidents to attend – but if you are unavailable, please reach out to at least one member of your organization to come.

The summit will include:

-A chance to win financial support for an event next year
-Preference in scheduling conferences next year
-A well-earned study break, complete with refreshments
-An opportunity to collaborate with other campus leaders

Before the event, please take a few moments to fill out this student org survey:

Hope to see you there!

Celebrate Earth Day at Student Gov Pub Night!


What better way to celebrate sustainable living than by drinking some local beers on Student Government’s dime?

Stop by the weekly pub night from 7-8:30 pm tomorrow night at Queen’s Head. We’ll be there with the drink tickets that never run out!

And don’t forget to check out the HLS Earth Day celebration from 11:30 am-1:30 pm outside on the Hark Patio! (There will be food, vendors, games, prizes and more!)

Hope to see you tomorrow night,


Room Temperature Issues?


If you are in a class or dorm room and you feel like it is too hot or too cold, fill out the online form at the following website to let Facilities know:

Do it any and every time you feel the room you’re in is below 70 degrees or above 74.  If you want to know more about how this will help, please keep reading.

Probably the most frequent complaints we get are those of classrooms being too hot or too cold.  We are constantly working with Facilities to address the problem, and what we find they always need is data.  If they know exactly when you were uncomfortable and where in the room you were, they are better able to assess the conditions in the classroom that might be causing that discomfort.  To help improve the quality and quantity of data Facilities has to address these complaints, we worked with them to create this form. By filling it out, you will enable Facilities to better track the pattern of complaints with regard to time and specific location and, hopefully, come up with solutions.

The data from this form will both enable Facilities to investigate the immediate problem, as well as track the pattern of complaints to investigate common areas or times that seem to be a continuing problem.

If you have any question or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

P.S., we do recognize the irony that we just got this form up and it is now the last week of classes, but hey, better late than never!

Dinner for Darfur & Haiti


Reminder: Dinner For Darfur & Haititickets on sale this week!
Tickets $15 in the Hark at lunch Monday-Wednesday $15 via PayPal to OR $20 at the door if we’re not sold out!

D4D&H Wednesday, April 21 in Ropes Gray 5:30 or 7:30 pm seatings Featuring all-you-can-eat food from local restaurants!   Food will include Redbones, Punjabi Dhaba, B. Good, Pinocchio’s, Milk Street Cafe and many others, plus beer and dessert!   100% of ticket sales go to Meds & Food for Kids ( and the American Refugee Committee ( Buy a block of 10 tickets for your friends, organization, or journal and we’ll reserve you a whole table!
Any questions?  Contact ddixon@jd11 or sdorenbosch@jd11.
Cosponsored by Student Government

Post-Graduate Student Funded Fellowship Pub Night!


Get Free Drinks, Give Back

Support the Post-Graduate Student Funded Fellowship by stopping by Pub Night for some free drinks and to learn more about the fellowship and ways you can donate.

The Post-Graduate Student Funded Fellowship is a new, completely student-led initiative to fund public interest work by HLS graduates. It aims not only to support our fellow students but also to build a greater sense of community on campus.

Consisting entirely of donations by HLS students, once funded the Fellowship will be awarded to an applicant with a demonstrated dedication to public interest work and a specific project proposal who has been unable to finding funding elsewhere.

For more information, please visit:

HLS Food Society


HLS Food Society: Call for Members
There’s a new group attempting to get started on campus called the Society for Food, Health and Sustainability (“The Food Society”). The Food Society would be a non-partisan, student-run organization that creates legal, intellectual and practical opportunities for HLS students to engage in food issues.

Some of the current ideas for activities include:

* Bringing speakers to campus to discuss food policy and its effect on public health, the environment, national security and development;
* Organizing trips to local farms and food production facilities;
* Working with non-profit and governmental agencies on food related legal issues;
* Holding a yearly conference on food policy;
* Creating an HLS CSA allowing members to buy local food at affordable prices; and
* Working with the Environmental Law Society on initiatives related to food and the environment, including an HLS food garden.

In order to gain approval as a new organization, groups need to provide the Dean of Students Office with evidence of intended involvement. If you would be interested in participating in this organization next year, please fill out the following survey:

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:

If you have questions or feedback, please include them in your survey or e-mail

Thank you!

Harvard Journal on Law and Mind Sciences?


Want to support the creation of a Journal on Law and Mind Sciences at HLS?  If so, click here to express your support.

The Harvard Journal on Law and Mind Sciences

The Harvard Journal of Law and Mind Sciences will be the first journal dedicated to exploring the relevance of the mind sciences for law and policy. The Journal will publish legal scholarship that examines the implications of the mind sciences on the law, and it will also publish reviews of original research in psychology, behavioral economics, and neuroscience with implications for law and policy making.
We hope to provide a consolidated forum for mind science researchers to share their insights with the legal community and to facilitate greater interdisciplinary discussion. The Journal of Law and Mind Sciences stands for the belief that good policy requires an accurate understanding of how human beings actually think and behave.
Please show your support in establishing a Journal on Law and Mind Sciences at Harvard Law School!
Thank you for your time and support!

Academic Programming: Feedback Wanted!


The Student Government executive board will be meeting with Vice Dean for Academic Programming Andy Kaufman and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Catherine Claypoole in the next couple of weeks. These are the people that have the most direct influence and information on curriculum here at HLS, and we’d love to provide them with as much student feedback as possible! What kind of curriculum questions, concerns, or feedback do you have for us to share with them?

Feedback can be posted here on the blog or emailed to Thanks and we hope to hear from you!


HLS Leaders Summit


HLS Leaders Summit
Tuesday, April 13th
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Ropes-Gray, Pound Hall
Hosted by HLS Student Government
Event Raffle Sponsored by DOS

This event brings together current and incoming leaders from all student organizations to share ideas, begin collaborating on future events, and just celebrate over a drink with your peers. Your Student Government will be hosting an open bar and other refreshments.

We encourage all rising student organization presidents to attend.  Attendance at the summit will be a consideration when setting your organization’s budget for next year.

Stay tuned for more information, including a student leadership survey!


Dinner for Darfur and Haiti!


Wednesday, April 21
Ropes Gray
5:30 to 7:00
cosponsored by Student Government
Hope to see you there!

HLS: It’s a Dog Eat Dog World


I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather!  It is just in time for the Red Sox to be back in town.

Next week there will be a hot dog competition in the Café.  It is the Fenway Frank vs. the New York (Yankee) Deli Dog.  Both types of dogs will be for sale in the Café.  Each day there will be a trivia question posted at the station.  If you guess correctly, you will be entered into a raffle to win Red Sox tickets!

Please share this information with your group.

Have a great weekend!

The Harvard Law School Dining Team