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Just checking


It seems I messed up a little in importing old posts. I only seem to have imported the last 10 posts, because I didn’t edit the RSS feed on my current blog first. This still leaves me wondering if there’s any way that I can leave this blog as simply a second copy of the other blog.

Quite like the theme, though…. especially the color!

PS. I’ve figured out what I’ll do with this blog. I will keep everything over at my site, and cross-post academic/legal/political stuff here. At least that seems to make the most sense. Since I can’t get over the theme, however, I am quite tempted to rip the theme (after checking that I can, of course). I think I’d prefer it, though if I can port it over to the right-hand side, which shouldn’t be too much work, and maybe I can figure it out myself, since I can edit themes on my own site.

Je suis malade.


Va vomiter.

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Just  a quick note on something I should have put up a while ago: I’ve been published!!

My sophomore year ConLaw paper on DC Voting Rights was put on DCVote’s web site. You can read a copy in PDF form here. I’ve got to say, it’s pretty cool to have it included up there. I sort of wish  I could have spent more time reviewing it before I sent it to the people over there. Maybe I’ll get a chance to review and revise it over the summer. Then again, I did submit it for class, so I shouldn’t be too worried.

Another cool note: I just added this new WordPress installation to Performancing on Firefox. And, like this guy says, it’s remarkably easy.

But one thing that’s not cool is DC’s lack of a vote in Congress. More people than the population of Wyoming continue disenfranchised in the House and the Senate while American soldiers die all too routinely to make sure that people in Baghdad can vote in their national legislature. Many of those soldiers are from the district. I can’t for the life of me understand how people tolerate this. If you agree (and by you, I mean the three people reading this blog), support the DC Fair Act by sending an email to your Congressman (you at least have one). Better yet, wait for tax day (Monday), and send your representatives a simple fax that says “No Taxation without Representation: Free DC” on it, nothing more, nothing less. 10 citizens in each Congressional district doing that on the same day could make a big difference (inspired by Seth Godin)

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I’ve decided


I will be attending Harvard for law school in the fall. More on why I made my decision later, and on the inner conflict any Yalie should feel before giving the devil money (I owe them $500 by May 1st).

The good news is all friends who support the side of justice will be welcome at my tailgate for the game, which is in Hell Cambridge next year.

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