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September 9th, 2009

No one gets justice in Pakistan, victim or defendent!!

Acid attack victim gets surgery, but not justice

Summary: bid was at home when his teacher splashed acid through a window in his bedroom. The incident took place in the summer of 2002 when he was only 14. Abid couldn’t react immediately, but my other two children who were in his room identified the teacher since they went to the same madrassah,’ explains Haroon.

It was after the incident that Abid revealed to his parents that the qari had been involved in sexual abuse of students at his madrassah in Orangi Town that Abid was witness to. When the teacher approached Abid, not only did he warn him to stay away, but threatened that he would soon lodge a complaint against his teacher at the local police station. ‘But before that could happen, the qari decided to teach my son a lesson.’ Abid lost both his eyes in the incident and doctors said he sustained about 69 per cent burn wounds on his face, neck and chest.

Although a case against the qari was registered at the Mominabad Police Station, Orangi Town, and the teacher was arrested, he is yet to be tried in the court of law for want of evidence. ‘The eyewitnesses in this case, Haroon’s two children, are still minors in the eyes of law and their statement cannot be accepted,’ explains social worker, Muhammad Ali of Roshni Helpline, who has been assisting the family since 2002.

Full article :,%20but%20not%20justice

I condemn whoever did this horrifying brutality on a young kids, and pedophiles should be locked up away for life or the best if have enough evidence, should be *put down*. We should not allow animals to live among us in our society.

Yet, the above article makes me wonder how come our judicial system was able to detain a guy without trial and not  proven guilty (with low evidence) for five years in prison!! It may be a great system if only guilty had been seeing the air of prison awaiting a trial or bail? Many innocent people suffer because of that, victim as well as the guilty both deserve a speedy trial. Our detectives are so lame, and our forensic technology is so lame, that I am sure police could not have been able to verify *minors* stories and accusation. when there are enough minors to reports the similar events, there becomes enough circumstantial evidence to indite someone.

October 21st, 2008

How to cope with the stress of life and to stay positive?

I have thought and tried to practise following to cope with stress.

1. Life is a test and nothing but a test.

2. Life is not an emergency.

3. Lower your tolerance to stress.

4. Learn to live in the present moment – dont stress for future.

5. Relax.

6. Become an anthropoligist.

7. Understand separate realities.

8. Breather before you speak.

9. Get comfortable not knowing.

10. Practise ignoring your negative thoughts/

11. Quiet the mind.

12. Think of your problems as potential teachers.

— And then still if stress does not go away, kill its sourse 😉

May 29th, 2008

So far I have attented few google io sessions. I have learned how to make a gadget on google sandbox and how to have google’s youtube api on my web.  I will be trying them tonight. If anyone is in the same place, just let me know.

May 28th, 2008

I am at google io

Just learnt that I can make good use of my java skills for my website … yuppee

May 22nd, 2008

Done with my exams

I finished my spring semester yesterday after taking exam of PSY-50. My website for another course is up and working.

I took my daughter to library after about a month. Yey, she was happy. I have plans to make some poppy seed lemon cake, and angel food cake in splenda. There is much to do after exams. The first thing in plan is to make up for sleep I missed past weeks. Yey.

I learned a lot from my final project for the dynamic website development course. I am going to share here some of the tricks I cam u p with problem solving and debuggings.

Here comes the sun… turu turu…

April 9th, 2008

SanDisk 2 GB Cruzer Micro with U3

This was my first U3 USB drive. I really like the capability of running various applications from the USB drive. This is how I use Skype now. No need to install it on my laptop!

The case is made of plastic which is a good thing, since the metal case drives are known to zap. The password protect feature is nice. On my HP notebook, teh drive is recognized when connected but I had to click on the drive to get a password prompt. On my Dell, the drive is recogized and I get a prompt for entering password. Not sure why.

I am waiting for the prices to come down a bit more. I will buy a couple of these as a backup. It is a good device for the price.


April 9th, 2008

Hasbro Baby Alive Doll does not need to be this much alive

Description of the doll: 

Playing “mommy” is more fun than ever with BABY ALIVE, the doll that “eats” and “poops” just like a real baby!

  • Feed her or give her a bottle, and then get ready to change her messy diaper!
  • When this doll is “hungry” you can mix up some of her special doll food!
  • She really eats and tells you how she likes it with fun electronic phrases like, “Mmm good!”
  • Doll comes with dress, 2 doll diapers, bottle with nipple and cap, bowl, spoon, 4 packets of doll food and bib

Diapers that are sold by this company is very similar to regular baby diapers. As if those diapers were not enough to fill our landfill, we should all welcome hasbro doll’s extra diapers that are very necessary for a child’s upbringing (by telling him or her that it is ok to make unnecessary and unrecyclable trash). I am not here to judge, but this doll is going to bite our children back in the future when environment factors will take away many fun things from their lives that we have today.

I cannot believe that all the diapers that just have some colored water on it are needlessly going to land fills. The argument at amazon appears to be on diapers quality and price. Is it only about how cheap diapers can be bought? I think the doll is over all great and there should be reusable and washable cloth diaper available with the doll. I understand that it is in toy company’s interest to have diapers and food for the dolls, but we must think about the future of our kids and make the doll a little eco friendly.

url :

Just an honest suggestion – don’t buy this doll there are plenty of better alternatives to choode from for your child.

March 30th, 2008

Sponge Bob Square Pants and positive psychology

I am a huge fan of sponge bob sqaure pants since I started watching it with Maryam when she was not even one year old; she loved it too.

Apart from sharp yet simple jokes of the show, I admire SB’s phyolosophy of life. With a little bit of irony, it shows indeed the true positive psychology – be happy~

I sometimes wish we could be more like SB, leading a simple an enjoyable life without worrying about aesthetic and material standards of life – Oh Well! my daughter laughes crazily on sponge bob’s activities and I try to skip isles in every departmental store where SB resides when I am with my daughter. SB’s creators’ positive psychology is indeed making millions from the kids going nuts over SB’s charachter products. BTW my daughter did not learn to call us anything for a long time , but she did say sum bob before that. Lets just be positive:)

March 23rd, 2008

Hulu Experience


I discovered how ‘hulu’ can be an alternate to the TV I usually watch. It is like having a TiVo with less advertisement but limited options. It is fun though to watch a clip of certain show which you normally would not watch the full length.

It has some old cartoons and movies like Pink Panther, which is classically refreshing. These are some of the shows I have watched :

SNL: Great as usual, watch the clips.

Bionic women: A little over done and silly science with many loop holes, yet interesting to watch and follow – do not anticipate in this series a lot, rumor has it that this show has been cancelled

Pretender: I have watched its reruns on TNT before, so I just wanted to see first season. It can be boring for a lot of people as it is quite slow, and the genius guy thinks that everyone else is too dumb including the audience..:)

Total Recall: I used to watch that show- cannot remember what happened on it though… got overridden by other memory I guessJ Anyways, this show is interesting but too dark and dry for many people.

Simpson: Old time favorite.

…. And more as time allows…

February 7th, 2008

Age 6: The day I was a lost child but I did not know that

No matter what part of the world you belong and how safe your town is, at the age of six you are bounded by the limitations your parents decide. I was not allowed to play further than five houses in the street on each side of my house.

Dare not to go farther than Mr. Hassan’s and Mrs. Shamsi’s house,” my Mom made it clear.

Every evening at five, I went out to play with my friends and returned home before the dusk. In winter, the duration of play time was about an hour and a half; in summer, it was not less than three. It was a summer weekend evening and my five cousins, who lived about half a mile from my house, came. Along with my brother and me, the platoon planned to go to a nearby children’s park. We all got excited. We needed adult permission. We put my eldest cousin, who was thirteen then, for the task.

“Ask my abbu (dad). He will say yes to anything.” I advised with a smug on my face. “he he he.”

Everyone agreed. My father was sitting with Mr. Hassan in his front yard. My cousins and brother approached my dad. Somewhere in my constantly wandering mind, a thought to elope the scene went through like a current. I think I told my brother that I would beat them by reaching the park first. I firmly believed that the platoon would get permission from my father. I started almost running and reached the corner of the street. I looked back. There was no sign of the platoon.

“I am so fast.” I thought. “Let’s keep the pace. Good job.” I was thinking happily.

One street after the other, I looked back from the middle and corners of the street. There was still no sign of platoon.

“I am the best. But they are all older than me. They might reach there before me. I should walk faster.” I was excited.

Finally, I reached the park. In my mind, I was the first one to finish this one mile marathon.

“I should get to the rides. I would not get enough turns with other kids and seven of us.” I smiled at my thought.

I enjoyed the swings for an hour. I forgot that my brother and cousins were supposed to join me. The increased rush on the slide and long wait in the line made me think of my cousins.

“Oh, I have not seen them. They must be on the other side of the park.” I reasoned.

I went to the other side of the park. The picnic area was crowded. Still there was no sign of the platoon.

“They must have gone to the rides. This is so funny. When I was there, they were here. When I am here, they are there.” I put my logic.

 I saw the peanut and cotton candy seller. “Why can’t I find them? I wanna eat cotton candy and get fake nails from the balloon guy.” I almost cried.

I started moving to the rides again. The rush had increased. I had nothing else to do except to get in the line and wait for my turn. I was having so much fun but I could not share that with anyone. I was alone. Three hours had passed by since I left my home. The clouds were starting to have red streaks on their edges. Normally, I would have thought of going back home because I was not allowed to stay out after the clouds start to change colors. But I knew that my cousins and brother are still somewhere in the park and I would leave when they would too.

I was still in the line and the next turn was mine. I saw my father.

“Abbu here.” I screamed.

My father hastily approached me. He asked me to come with him. I pleaded that I was about to get my turn. He did not say anything. He just picked me up. He took me to the car. At the gate, I asked my father,

“Abbuuu, I wanna get the fake nails.” He did not reply.

When we reached the car, there was still no sign of platoon.

“Where are Wajih (my brother) and the others?” I asked innocently.

My father replied, ” At home.”

On the way home, I spotted my favorite ice cream parlor.

“Abbu, ice cream!” I demanded. He ignored.

“Abbu is angry at something. He never says no to my ice cream request. It must be Wajih’s doing.” I thought. I was upset not getting any ice cream. It was summer and after all, I had been playing for three hours without getting anything to drink or eat.

When I got home, I saw a huge crowd outside my house. All my neighbors, uncle, aunt, sisters, and friends were there. Still there was no sign of the platoon. My mission was accomplished. I had defeated them. I was smiling on my victory, yet my smart mind was thinking the reason behind the crowd.

“Our tenant must have bought a new car or something,” I reasoned again. But somewhere in my heart, I had a feeling that there was something wrong. And that something had to with me?

“There is no need to go to the mosque Shehzad,” my uncle told our tenant’s son. “Anwar (my dad) has found her.”

“Uh-oh, Oh my,” my genius mind came up with the right words this time. I knew I was in deep trouble. Things started to make sense. Never in my mind had it occurred that the reason of no sign of the platoon that evening could be that they were not coming. I saw my mother’s face. Her eyes could have been red because of excessive crying, but they looked to me bloody by her furious expression.

“Wait till you enter the home….,”my mother warned me.

“Abbu, mommy is scaring me,” I complained to my father. Usually, he would take my side but that time he did not. His anxious faced turned red and he slapped me in front of all the people around. I ran inside home crying. My eldest and dearest sister came to me. She told me that everyone thought I was lost. I did was lost. Shehzad was going to the mosque to announce the whole neighborhood that I was lost and needed to be searched. (can this line be omitted? I told her what I had believed throughout the evening. She told me that the platoon was quarantined all this time in living room. They never got the permission. Half an hour earlier, my brother spoke up about my challenge of reaching the park first. My sister also told me that my mother had nearly fainted.  I realized how much my parents cared for me. My father has never hit or punished me whole life except the time I scared him to death. I do not know if it was his better judgment to punish me like that, but that was the only punishment I got from him on that occasion. It was an enough lesson for my whole life.

I do not know about the confidence you had in your childhood, but everyone who knew me as a child confirmed their suspicion about my over confident personality at my age of six. Personally, I did not believe that I was smart but I never hesitated to firmly believe in my decisions and judgments. I lived in my own world of imagination and reality. Sometimes I still do. It helps me escape from the harsh reality of life. Yet I self-consciously know that my escape is temporary. I have learned from my childhood that living in my own world without looking around that is happening around me will only make matter worse.