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Installing Postgis 1.5 + Postgres 9.1.3

To install a local version of a work project, I needed PostGIS 1.5 + Postgresql 9.1 (ideally 9.1.13)

I floundered a bit with before using homebrew and finding this 2012 post on Installing PostGIS with Homebrew

The only differences from the original post were the code changes for editing the homebrew formula:

sudo brew edit postgis15

For the (assumably) newer “postgis15” file, the following 3 changes were made: “postgres9” was changed to “postgres91” (In homebrew, “postgres91” == “9.1.13”):

line 12:    depends_on 'postgresql91'

line 19:    postgresql = Formula["postgresql91"]

line 87:    postgresql = Formula["postgresql91"]

Thanks for the post:)

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