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Vaguely Sad Post

Amidst recent waves of political uncertainty I came across numerous individuals expressing general discontent , of which some were enlightening with extensive political insight (i know nothing about politics so am easily impressed by my friends) while others were less informative and in the worst cases basic, ad hominem attacks against Boris Johnson or Donald Trump.



As a nihilist-existentialist type I have never taken too much interest in left/right politics nor economics nor the environment nor Brexit nor the next president of America. I was never able to slot myself in with “liberals” or “conservatives” or any political party as I have never found any unified group compelling enough to identify with.

Perhaps I could call myself an anarchist in the technical sense in that I totally reject any form of authority except the individual over themselves. But then I face the total rape of words of their meaning, where “anarchist” means “violent person” – While I have never behaved violently I can admit that’s just me suppressing the desire to do so for over 2 decades.

Going back to anarchism…  What sometimes makes me want to change things is the fact that I “have to” talk to people, go to school, get a job and earn money in order to be considered a “functioning” member of society. I don’t want to do that. I wasn’t put on this earth to do that. And if that’s selfish on my part, then I simply say: I don’t want my children to do that. You know…Politics is just economics and all rules are arbitrary word games.

So then it becomes an economic issue, but politics—including anti-politics—is about re-calibrating society, or remaking it entirely.

So it comes down to

if you could design the whole world to your tastes, what would it look like? What would people do, what would they be allowed to do, what would they be barred from (if anything), would there be nations, would there be money?

Would you end up looking like a clown worse than Donald Trump in the eyes of a few thousand million other people?

I am interested in hearing what kind of world people believe they could and would orchestrate.

I have a sad feeling about all of the above.

If you made it to this sentence, thanks for reading this incoherent post and have a good night.

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