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honey, you were randomly picked

Posted on August 2nd, 2006 by Randomly Chosen.
Categories: Not So Random.

This is my first post at my school blog. I am not sure what kind of stuff I will be writing here, yet. Definitely, the contents have to be more serious than my other personal blog. We’ll see. just wanted to start off with an anecdote, which led me to title this blog “Randomly Chosen”.

This past summer, I was traveling in Europe and in South Asia. On my way back to the United States from London Heathrow Airport, I was randomply chosen. Oh, it felt special. Actually what really happened is that I was standing in line to go through the security check (where we go through a metal detector and put our hand bags through this scanning machine). I was standing in the line and a security lady came and said, “Honey, your name has been randomly chosen. You would have to through some x-rays. Is there any reason you wouldn’t want to do this?” Okay you get the picture. I politely complied. Once I was through the process, I had the time to re-think and figured that it was not my name that was chosen. the reason behind this claim was that, she did NOT see any of my identity. THe only thing she could possibly see was the jacket of my passport, which just said “United Staes of America.” Nothing else that could show my name. There was no special sign on my boarding pass (like the ones you’d get when traveling). I really should have asked,

“What is my name, ma’am?”

I didn’t, because I really didn’t think that way.

So, with that said, I think I should reveal some infromation about myself. I am Muslim, and I do take this religion seriously, or should I say try to take it seriously. And, because of my head-scarf, it’s easy to spot me as a Muslim.

not so random, I would say, huh?