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Memento is a project which aims to make web archives easier to access: rather than expect a user to know all the specific archive services available, Memento pulls together all archives that adhere to its protocol and allows other services to leverage this collection of archives. For example, Memento’s Time Travel Find allows users submit a URL and date, and, if there is an archive of it in one of the many archive services that Memento supports, it will direct the user to that archive.


We are proud to announce that is now a Memento approved archive! This means that a user searching for a webpage on Memento’s Time Travel Find project, or any other Memento tool that utilizes the protocol, will also have any applicable public Perma links served up along side the other Memento-protocol adhering archives.

Memento is also accessible as a Chrome extension.

Interested in Perma? Create a free account today!

Memento logo used by permission from Michael Nelson.

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  1. AtulHost

    That is great thing. Keep it up.

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