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Cyber Security And FIX: A Time For Focus


A panel discussion, with Marcus Prendergast, CISO, ITG; Michael Cooper, CTO Radianz, BT; Tim Healy, Global Marketing and Communications, FIX Trading Community; Tom Jordan, President, Jordan & Jordan

Why cyber security, why now?
Michael: I’ll just focus on three things very quickly. I think one point I’d make is that as a group, we have focused on security in the context of the FIX protocol for some time, it’s not necessarily something that is new. It is just the latest iteration with regard to considering security in a FIX protocol context. Two, I think the landscape and the attention on security makes it a prudent time to review the security of the protocol, even in the absence of any direct threat. And I think increasingly, all of us have been touched by security or have to consider it in the context to which we operate, especially as time goes on.

Marcus: Just to build on that, I’d say we’re focusing on being proactive and trying to stay ahead of any new potential major attacks on the markets…


SEC Cybersecurity


Marcus Prendergast is the Chief Information Security Officer of ITG, a global electronic brokerage and financial technology firm serving the world’s largest asset managers. In this role, Mr. Prendergast oversees information security, physical security, and business continuity across the firm’s 15 offices in 9 countries. He has been with ITG for the past several years and has led the effort to strategically address cybersecurity risks in a rapidly evolving and highly regulated business environment.

Prior to joining ITG, Mr. Prendergast served for eight years in various senior security roles for ETS, the world’s largest educational non-profit. He holds a Master’s degree in Information Technology from Harvard University and has completed post-graduate studies in Advanced Computer Security at Stanford University.