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Border wars: Pakistan and Afghanistan

From MESH Admin The online journal Heartland: Eurasian Review of Geopolitics devotes its latest issue to “The Pakistani Boomerang,” and provides this map of the situation on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, as prepared by Limes, an Italian review of geopolitics. The map shows the tribal areas, sites of clashes between Pakistani forces and jihadists, and cross-border […]

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From Matthew Levitt Fifteen years from now, when classified documents produced today begin to be declassified, we will surely look back with some discomfort and see just how far off some of our judgments were when written in 2008. Such is the nature of intelligence assessments. What would be worse, however, would be for us […]

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Charlie Wilson’s War: fairy tale comedy

From a member (A MESH member who prefers to remain anonymous submits the following comment on the film Charlie Wilson’s War.) This is a movie made by a highly sophisticated political and artistic mind, someone—the director—who knows all the arguments and charges and nuances of what this important episode has come to mean to various […]

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Bhutto’s murder: prelude to…

From Martin Kramer An editorial in the Wall Street Journal on Friday, entitled “Target: Pakistan,” mourned Benazir Bhutto, whom it described as “the highest profile scalp the jihadists can claim since their assassination of Egypt’s Anwar Sadat in 1981.” The editorial then offered this analysis: With the jihadists losing in Iraq and having a hard […]

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