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{ Daily Archives } Tuesday, July 2003

Spoken Word: Original Sin in the Modern Middle East

     Steve Kinzer of the New York Times talks as well as he writes: here.     We’d all have been more suspicious of the Bush and Blair neo-imperial fantasists, spinning their Anglo-American self-esteem into a Middle Eastern quagmire, if we had a speaking acquaintance with our own history.  But who today mentions the CIA’s catastrophic overthrow […]

Spoken Word: What do they know of blogging…?

     Kipling’s line was: “What do they know of England who only England know?”  Mine is: “What beyond blogging do we bloggers care to talk about?”  Presumably: everything.        Here’s a start with a little light summer conversation on a gap in American defenses that the 9.11 attack revealed.  It’s the matter of homeland security, seriously, without the capital […]