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Spoken Word: A Few Good Bloggers

       Here is the sound (and thinking) of our friendly pioneer Dave Winer

     This is the first in a series of conversations with bloggers about blog-world.  If you’re eager to sound off with a new immigrant about this curious territory we’ve entered, drop me a line (email: and I’ll record an interview for posting. 

     I’ve been a political reporter with the New York Times, a public-television news anchor in Boston, and host of “smart talk” on public radio.  I think of myself as a journalist and all-purpose searcher, not at all a techie.  But as a citizen and as a media practioner rolling through the trend storm, I am fascinated by the possibilities in this blogging space. 

     Blog world has the crackle and pop that traditional media conspicuously do not these days.  It’s cheap and easy of entry.  It’s politically free, wildly opinionated but also information-rich.  It’s literary, it’s musical, it’s poetic.  It has the full range of human curiosity and passion about it.  A lot of it is funny, feminist, futurist, cosmopolitan, confident and all those other good buzzy things like edgy, enthusiastic, highly energized.  The adrenal elite is here.  So now what?

     I’m interested in describing blog world as a democratic experiment.  Can we point to social and cultural effects of this technology so far?  Was it blogging that brought Trent Lott down?  or Howell Raines, for that matter?  Do you think of blog world as a community?  Listen in, please, and feel encouraged to drop a line.      

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