For the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad users among you: the (free) streaming Naxos Music Library app.* Browse the entire Naxos database – 41,000 recordings and counting – or stream your own playlists to get you through the day. You’d rather listen to jazz? Then the Naxos Jazz Library app is for you.

To create playlists, you’ll need to register on the main Naxos site; just click “Playlists,” then “Sign Up,” and fill out a short form. Don’t worry: it’s still free, and you won’t start getting advertising email. The Naxos YouTube Channel has more tips about making and organizing playlists.

Check out the Naxos Music Library blog for a detailed tour of the app, and happy listening!

UPDATE: Using an Android phone? Search the Android Market for “Naxos Music Library” to download your version of the app, or use this QR code:

Naxos Android App QR Code

* Disclaimer: you do need to be a Harvard affiliate to use our subscription to Naxos. If you’re not, may I suggest Pandora Mobile as an alternative?

-Kerry Masteller