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Digital Firms for the Net

Law Lab co-director John Clippinger discusses digital firms and Vermont’s digital corporate transactions law on Bank of America’s Future Banking Blog:

A prediction for the near future: One of the great disruptions of Web 3.0 technologies will be to unleash unprecedented powers of collective action. Information asymmetries between enterprises and their customers, between governments and their citizens, and between the credentialed and the uncredentialed will be dramatically realigned. Not just asymmetries in access to information, but asymmetries in coordinative capacities, and the ability to capture and direct personal and group agency. We first got a sense of this with the onset of “smart mobs,” “swarms,” “asymmetric warfare,” the “wisdom of the crowds,” the miracle of wikipedia, and the promise of peer production. It is simply amazing what supposedly dumb “mobs” and “non experts” can achieve given the ability to self-organize. My bet is it will not be long before “they” will want some form of legal organization to express themselves, and direct their collective agency to reap the rewards of their newfound powers.

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