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Class-Action Filed Against Bank of America for Employment Discrimination Against Non-Citizens

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MALDEF, May 3, 2018 – “Bank of America illegally denies employment to qualified applicants based on their immigration status even though they are authorized to work in the United States, a lawsuit filed in federal court today charged. MALDEF (Mexican American … Continued

Employer-Unions’ Strategic and Systems Approach to Human Resources

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Employer-Unions’ Strategic and Systems Approach to Human Resources Unions, like other organizations, operate in an environment of change. To be effective, and in some cases to even survive, labor organizations need to make wise strategic choices and then effectively implement the … Continued

Bullying: Often A Tolerated Form of Violence by Employers

Violence in the workplace starts far before clench hands fly or deadly weapons douse lives. Where disdain and animosity routinely uproot cooperation and communication, violence has happened. It is time to treat workplace bullying equipollent to sexual harassment or racial … Continued

From Healthy Debates to Personal Attacks and Bullying

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In a community full of opinions and preferences, people always disagree. Employers should encourage active discussions and welcome heated debates on the services or products, but a personal attack should be ground for immediate and permanent termination of employment of the offender. Zero … Continued