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Aesthetic Interpretation of Islam

What Are The Words?

“You seem like someone who doesn’t

know they’re beautiful”

Are you someone with words to

show them we’re beautiful?  


Hearts that are shaped the same

and souls that are the same shade

What are the words to describe

this love affair; beautiful?


The mountains rise and fall with

Every flicker of approval

Whose is the language that forms

this love prayer, beautiful?


Lips spin a musical doctrine

of freedom and love

Can dancing syllables turn

this love’s despair beautiful?


Humbled from a mother’s womb

Where I myself conceived

Am now exhaling revolution,

Mutually we prepare: beautiful.



This post is a ghazal, that invokes the classic context of love, marriage, and romance into devotion for Allah. The incorporation of this theme reflects Sufism and roots in seventh-century Arabia. In most ghazals, the Beloved is used as a metaphor for God or the spiritual master of the poet. poet’s spiritual master. This intense divine love is found in Sufism particularly. The drunkenness and erotic-like symbolism in ghazals are in direct conflict with rules about piety and sanctity. The rules of the state are circumvented in this poetry, making the ghazal quite political in its rejection of rules utilized to control the public.   This poem is more explicitly utilizing a romantic of physical experience to replicate a relationship with God. I found this to be an incredibly profound way to comprehend the intensity and power of God’s love for humanity.