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A Month After Our Website is Launched

Our new Konsula website is finally launched on December 9, 2015. I am so blessed that everyone is putting all of their energy in this–talking about working with people with passions. Our site has started to be used by people who are looking for doctors and other medical professionals. We have received medical-related queries as well. Our in-house medical team is now answering those questions and start redirecting them to see the most appropriate doctors. It is because online consultation can only help as much and cannot provide a definite diagnostic.

Our team has mostly focused in West Jakarta and Tangerang area, areas not far from our home-base in Kembangan. However, we have started venturing out to other parts of Greater Jakarta and aiming to have 1,500 doctors signed-up with us by the end of this month.

Check out some of our doctors here:

  1. Dentists in West Jakarta
  2. Dermatologists in West Jakarta
  3. Pediatricians in West Jakarta
  4. Ophthalmologists in Jakarta
  5. General Practitioners in Jakarta
  6. Neurologists in Jakarta
  7. Orthopedics in Jakarta
  8. Nutritionists in Jakarta
  9. Psychiatrists in Jakarta
  10. Acupuncturists in Jakarta
  11. ENTs in Jakarta
  12. Veterinarians in Jakarta
  13. Obstetricians in Jakarta
  14. Internists in Jakarta
  15. Surgeons in Jakarta
  16. Cardiologists in Jakarta
  17. Physiotherapists in Jakarta

Check out some of our health facilities here:

  1. Hospitals in Jakarta
  2. Clinics in Jakarta
  3. Dental Clinics in Jakarta
  4. Pharmachies in Jakarta

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