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Text of ADIN of PEC

The Brazilian Bar Association has challenged the Precatório Constitutional Amendment 62/09 at the Supreme Court (ADI 4357).

This is an “Ação Direta de Inconstitucionalidade”.

See full text of the ADIN: 091215 ADIN-PEC

(includes full text of the Constitutional Amendment).

Currently (Apr/10) there are 5 precatório-related ADIN’s at the Supreme Court:

  • the last three refer to the EC62/09
    • ADI 4357 by the OAB
    • ADI 4372 on Jan/10 by the Associação Nacional dos Magistrados Estaduais (Anamages)
    • ADI 4400 and in Mar/10 the third ADIN by the Associação Nacional dos Magistrados da Justiça do Trabalho (Anamatra)
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