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About Me

About me: I’m a twenty-something Singaporean working in Singapore.  During my four lovely years as an international student in the US I studied Environmental Science & Public Policy (ESPP).  I was quite a bit older than most other people in my grade because of Singapore’s mandatory military service.  I served as an instructor at OCS for those wondering.  

A long time ago I was *this* close to entering medical school like most of my friends, but instead I chose to matriculate at an American liberal arts college, which was probably a good decision for me.  My sophomore and junior years in college I sang as a first tenor with the Harvard Din & Tonics (the premier collegiate all-male jazz a cappella group).  Singing with the Dins was generally a blast, especially if you throw in going on World Tour 2006… all-expenses paid!

These days I’m working for one of the big general management consulting firms, which has turned out to be an ideal first job.  Dynamic, fast-paced, challenging projects with fun people plus travel opportunities – couldn’t ask for very much more.  And now three years have gone by in a flash!

I enjoy the things most people like (travel, reading widely, photography, running, fine dining, shopping, popular music), and quite a number most people don’t (opera and classical music, raising ornamental chickens, high fashion, period arthouse films and romantic comedies).

I’m a long-winded archivist, a texture-person, and mostly a dog person (cats kill chicks!).

Oh, and the name’s Jason.

And if you’re looking for my contact details

(last update: May 2010)

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