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Coming off a new high

August 23rd, 2010 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

It’s been a while since I last posted in June, but I felt compelled to record the last two weeks, which have been the BEST TWO WEEKS EVER.  On multiple fronts, too.

– The Dins wrapped up on their highly successful, super fun and wonderfully lucrative tour stop in Singapore

– I got a wonderful room at MBS on National Day despite the hotel having been booked out for months in advance; view of the fireworks was spectacular

– Wrapped on my project and went on two weeks NS reservist training, which is like a long (although tiring) vacation, kind of like going trekking on vacation

– Achieved a good IPPT result despite spraining my ankle just 4 days before and not having a pacer to run the 2.4km run with; had the batallion’s fastest run timing (mainly a negative reflection on the batallion’s fitness, but I’ll happily take the award)

– Helped out with a 5-hour board of directors’ retreat for one of Singapore’s premier performing arts organisations, very cool, and super interesting people/discussions/issues

– Had four consecutive rock star fantasy nights of fabulous parties, great meals, incredible views, fireworks and loads of fun

– Got the best suite yet at MBS, highest floor of rooms (54), views in both directions, obscene oodles of space

– Attended a great PP sermon at NCC

– Had a long, super lucrative streak at MBS

– Survived almost a month of sleeping just 3-4 hours each night, successfully staved off several near-flu episodes

Did I mention?  BEST TWO WEEKS EVER!!!


And next month I go on vacation to London/Munich/Milan.

Life = more abundantly
Me = thankful and rested

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5 Responses to “Coming off a new high”

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  2. brian atwood pumps Says:

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  3. Jenny Morris Says:

    What a good couple of weeks you had – I think if you did that once a month you may get very very tired!

    How did your trip to London – Munich – Milan go, was it as hectic or did you manage to get a bit of time to yourself?

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