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You learn something new everyday…

February 3rd, 2007 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

…and it’s not always good news.

So as a little break from going blind trying to extract information from UNODC* documents on their website…  I proceeded to continue going blind trying to extract information from UNESCO** documents on their website.  And I learn to my chagrin, that of the 192 member states of the UN General Assembly, 191 are members of UNESCO.  And the one, inexplicable and highly visible exception is… Singapore.  ???

A brief web search reveals no satisfactory reason for this anomaly, which puzzles me.  And also annoys me, since it means I’m automatically ineligible to even apply for certain positions within the organization.  How terribly bizarre.  Perhaps I’ll ask the DPM if I meet him at some upcoming event.

* United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
** United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Ok, it’s time to leave the museum.  When I walked in here about 6 hours ago I remember musing about the irony of how I actually somewhat envy the idea of working at a museum such as the Louvre in Paris, like an acquaintance of mine currently does.  Truth is the collections here are pretty fascinating, beautiful and important in their own right – for example practically just outside of HUCE are many extremely precious plaster casts of mesoamerican steles and other monuments that have since been damaged or destroyed.

And now I actually leave.

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4 Responses to “You learn something new everyday…”

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  3. Easter Ovesen Says:

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  4. Jack Says:

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