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Archive for March, 2005

I will, I will, I will.

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005

It’s about ten hours till I take my final midterm.  And then psychologically* I’ll be done with school till after Spring Break. 

* As opposed to literally done, since I still have a response paper, some readings and all sorts of Bermuda odds and ends to finish up.  And pack, and clean, and do laundry.

And yet I’m barely able to make myself study properly.  I still have three pages on my study guide to go, and then I have to look through _all_ the lecture slides.  Ugh.  But all the while I’m thinking of things I’d rather be doing.  It doesn’t help that the majority of my roommates have left for break already (Neil’s in Florida with his ESPP class and Wojtek’s headed to NYC/Bermuda with the Pudding).

I must, I must, I must.

See you after Spring Break.  Hopefully Bermuda will be a fairly productive time for me.

Sunday… where has the weekend gone??

Sunday, March 20th, 2005

In contrast with last week’s uber-productive weekend, this weekend has been a complete productivity wash.

The Dins sang at the Fallen Angels concert on Friday, which took the whole evening from 5pm-11pm.  and then of course we had to make a showing at the afterparty in Cabot.  That’s the first trip I’ve made to the Quad this semester, I think.  I also watched “The Real Cancun”.  Erm, yeah.

Saturday: woke up much later than hoped.  Piddled around doing something… what was it??  Oh, I think I might have tried to study for my BS55 midterm but fell asleep instead.  (This after having slept 9.5hrs that night.)  Then it was time to get dressed (read: tails) for Cohasset. 

Amazing dinner at Dave’s home, during which my Bermuda Beach Diet quietly died.  We sang that night at a charity fundraiser at Dave’s highschool, which was fun.  Got back to campus past midnight, and I made a quick loop through Lane’s birthday party in Leverett (he wasn’t there) and Aidan’s birthday party in Currier (she wasn’t there either).  Then I stopped by the Opportunes’ afterparty, also in Currier and then it was 2.30am and time to go home.

After getting Kieran and myself back home, I tried, unsuccessfully, to finish writing my contribution to the HSA-12 study guide our study group’s putting together (which I hope is good for the sake of my own grade).  Gave up around 4am, maybe?

Sunday:  Woke up, having had exhausting dream about taking an ES6 exam with Prof Clark and not writing anything on the exam at all before running out of time.  Wrote more study guide stuff.  Went to 1pm review session for BS55.  Left feeling despondent about state of studying (non-existent) for upcoming midterm.  Finished writing study guide summary.  And it’s now 4.30pm.  I’m heading to church soon.

So the weekend is essentially gone, and I’m not a stitch of work closer to surviving the coming week, where I have two problem sets due, two critical midterms (both in terms of their impact on my grade and also the state of my preparation to take them), and all the remaining Bermuda work to manage.  Yargh.


The Plan

Tuesday, March 15th, 2005

French 273, History A-12 and History 1856 all make me happy in a geeky, intellectual-growth kind of way.  They’re all so very different, and elicit such different responses from me (A-12 often makes me angry; 273 sometimes makes me exultantly hopeful, other times it leaves me farily gloomy; 1856 gives me a sense of discovery and rediscovery that’s exquisite).  There’s more I wanted to say, but there’s really no time.

As I’ve told various people, these three weeks to Spring Break (and into the foreseeable future till the end of the semester) are busy to the point of physical impossibility.  I’ll have to detail my weekend schedule from Saturday and especially Sunday.  I guess I might as well do it quick.

Summary:  Busy-ness level: 4/5 (5 is maximum), Excitement level: 4.5/5,

10am: Wakes up in a panic, 7 hours after going to bed, because I managed to sabotage my alarm clocks which had been set for 7am (none of them went off).
11am: Prints out recommendation letters for summer abroad program, delivers them to Prof Conley’s house on bike, race to Coop to buy book required for Monday class.
11.30am: In church, Park Street.
12.30pm: There’s some kind of international fiesta type thing happening, so I walk around and find Asian food – bak kut teh, hokkien mee and fried bee hoon at the Singapore table and nasi lemak at the Malaysia (or was it Indonesia?) table.
1pm: At Dins gig at Hampshire House on the Common (this is where the original Cheers bar is).
2pm: At Johnston Gate waiting for Limo.
3pm: At Logan Airport waiting to meet/sing for Sharon Stone.  Yo Yo Ma appears, having just flown back from Puerto Rico (he lives in Cambridge, and he has two kids at Harvard).  We shake hands.
4pm: Finished singing for Sharon Stone.  I hand her a large bouquet of long-stemmed roses.  She kisses me.
4.30pm: At the recording studio at Emerson College for first day of work on the Dins’ next CD.
5.30pm: At Filene’s Basement.  I buy organic strawberry jam for personal use at Brain Break.
6.30pm: My recording session begins.  I require many re-takes.
10pm: I’m done at the studio and head back to Harvard.
10.30pm: I start work at HUCEP.
2am: HUCEP shift ends.  I’ve formulated a plan for post-college success based on what I call the MoMA effect.
3am: I’ve written emails to three TFs and my academic advisor, and read some 20 pages for French.  Collapse in bed.
9am:  I’m awake and starting another very packed day.

Today: busy-ness: 4.2/5, excitement level: 3/5


Friday, March 4th, 2005

It should be said that I am *very relieved* to have made it to the weekend.

In the past two weeks, I have rarely (if ever) gone to bed before 3.30am or gotten more than 5 hours of sleep each day.  I’m gone to bed at 4am, 4.30am, 5am, 5.30am, 6am, 7am, 7.15am….  awful.  It’s mostly just procrastination and bad time management on my part (should I do overdue reading for class or make a three day trip to New York?  Oh, I guess work can wait.), but the just-completed Spring auditions the Dins just ran must figure into the equation too, having occupied some 35 night-hours in 4 nights.

So sleepy right now.  And I slept through all but one hour of my classes today (which brings today’s hours-slept total to 4).  Plus I have to write an internship application due tonight.

I’m sure I had more upbeat, informative stuff to say, but that’s going to have to wait for a better-rested, less panicky-about-three-midterms-next-week Jason.

Turandot was wonderful, and the days following that night were fantastic too.