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Archive for April, 2004

Tuesday breather

Tuesday, April 20th, 2004

It’s been a while since I posted anything, mainly because it’s been a little hectic around here. 

From left: Erik Schultink, Adam Estes, Greg Bybee, Kevin Wecht, me

JF4 Dartmouth Race (17 Apr 2004)


The crew racing season has started, and so far I’ve coxed an 8 against Cornell and a 4 against Dartmouth, both victorious, kudos to the oarsmen.

Doug’s birthday at Fire & Ice (13 Apr 2004)“>

I’m done with HPIE (that went pretty quickly) and the homeless shelter (which has closed for the season), so my schedule has a few small openings now, which I will need desperately in order to catch up with the work I’m missing because of crew – all our races are away so we tend to be gone from Friday up till Saturday or Sunday.

Wanyi & Co at John Harvard statue (8 Apr 2004)“>

Two weeks ago I went down from Cornell (where we were racing) to NYC with Terence to meet up with Wanyi, who was visiting with various classmates from London.  And the UK Easter break also brought Natalie Morris over from Oxford with a contingent of debaters making a debate tour of US colleges.

Wanyi Terence & I in NYC (11 Apr 2004)“>

I don’t really have a lot to say here right now, so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Natalie Morris & Co (4 Apr 2004)“>

Summer is coming… See you soon!

PS: It’s been really warm and sunny recently – up to 82F (28 C)!

Coming to an end.

Friday, April 2nd, 2004

Spring Break is nearly at an end, which is tragic.  The weather has been pretty awful all week, blustery, cold and very wet – it rained incessantly for over two days.

By Monday, I will have worked some 22 hours for HUCEP, attended 12 crew practices (some 30 hours) and raced Tulane in a scrimmage on the Charles.  Hopefully I will have also read some hundred pages of my genetics texbook (I’ve got about 30 pages to go).

This week I finally visited the excellent Museum of Fine Arts and attended their latest blockbuster exhibition, the well-curated Gauguin: Tahiti. I also finally managed to borrow, and finish, Yann Martel’s riveting Booker Prize-winning Life of Pi: a novel and played my violin several times (thanks to Xin Wei for transcribing the theme to In the Mood for Love).  I made good use of my Netflix subscription, seeing the original The Thomas Crown Affair, All About Eve and American Beauty.

I’ve read, replied to and deleted some five hundred emails, swept my suite out (what a relief to have a clean floor again!) and replaced my broken full-length mirror.

I also managed to visit a supermarket (first real grocery shopping I’ve done since I got to Cambridge), as well as cook my first bowl of instant noodles (from the uber-healthy and tasty boxful Uncle Roy sent me at the start of the semester, much appreciated).

On the homework front, leaving aside the overdue Dan Mathews reflection I wrote for Rel1529, I’ve made little headway.  As of now, with under 48 hours till school starts again, I have a biology research report/presentation, a biology lab report, an ESPP final project summary, several Rel1529 responses (and I have to watch the loooong movies first!), a one-page French essay on Annie Ernaux’s novel La Place (which I probably should reread) and an Applied Math problem set.  Where am I going to find the to work on all of these things?  I don’t know.  And I’m not even really thinking about the FM ITM I have to finish by this week as well.

I’m still recovering from an URI, so I’ve neither seen the inside of the MAC nor have I managed to exercise any control over my diet.  The result being quite a number of extra pounds and increased girth.  Ugh.

If only Spring Break lasted a month.