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So little time!

August 13th, 2003 by MrLuxuryFashionGuru

I received my ticket today, and Terence leaves in five (!!) days. 

Seriously, the immediacy of my impending departure is beginning to hit squarely home.  There is now officially not enough time to do even a barely satisfactory number of things.  There appears to be no humanly possible way for me to properly accomplish ANY of the following in the next two weeks:

1. Pack* 
2. Meet up with the many people I will miss
3. Settle all the important but minor administrative details**
4. Read/watch and then return all my borrowed books, VCDs etc.
5. Study for the crucial math/chem/physics etc. placement tests+

*Three large cases filled, and I haven’t packed any shoes, books, long pants or toiletries.  And that’s not including my tablet or my violin
** Like dental appointments, driver’s licence, insurance payments, bank accounts, magazine subscriptions etc.
+ Compulsory, and held during week 1!

Pray for me.  And don’t be angry if I forget to call or meet up before I/you leave the country…  :/  (Almost started to list people, but realised the list is too long, and too prone to omissions.)

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