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Sometimes I wonder why I desperately want to go to law school.

After talking to a bunch of lawyers

How law school education will change my life?

 I’ve been close to church and God throughout my life.

If I have to pick one, this is the one I’ve been loyal to since born in 1979.

It’s hard to grasp the concept of my life.



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It is my honor to gain access to this blog, and I will certainly take advantage of this opportunity.I always thought to myself that if I ever write a blog, I want to write something pragmatic.  It ought to be enjoyable for me, but it will be nice if it can benefit others, which is one of the goals in my life.Because there is little to no to offer, I will mainly write about my thought process and different approaches that I’ve taken in my life.

Since I’ve immigrated to U.S. from South Korea, I’ve been working in various places from Burger King, grocery stores, and department stores.  While working at the minimum wage isn’t atypical, I think my interaction with other Americans at work was pretty interesting without ability to properly communicate.  They might be agitated, but at least I found it interesting, and I thank God for my survival.  It worked for me back then, and it still works for my dad.At that time, I could barely express my opinions and emotions in English, but I still had to communicate with them to adequately work with them.  I learned how hard to work with others when communication isn’t quite working.Due to my miscommunication, I had to make a lot of assumptions and therefore put up with a lot of unfairness which I don’t deserve as a hard worker.  It was just because I was afraid to get fired without knowing the intention of my boss.  That’s why I know how important to have good communication skills, how crucial to choose words to speak and how essential to represent a consistent image wherever it is that I work.In today’s workforce, among software engineers and electrical engineers, I can still observe a lot of miscommunications.I don’t think they misunderstand each other because of language barriers like me back days, but they still presume each other and selectively hear what they want. I think communication is not a result of any type of education but is rather something that we must challenge in our every day. 

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