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5/16/2012 Task


Someone called reporting a semi-public computer wasn’t working. The computer was working fine but the wireless USB receiver for the mouse and keyboard was missing so those weren’t working. I think someone took it thinking it was a USB memory stick. I wonder what they did with it after they realized it wasn’t.

5/15/12 Assistance


Someone called and asked me to help him find slides on his course’s website. Although this incident did not fall within my professional field, I clicked a button at random and found what he was looking for. I told him to click the button I clicked. I watched three episodes of that new show on HBO, “Girls,” but I don’t think I’m going to watch any more.

5/14/2012 Incident


Someone called to let me know that their computer wasn’t working properly. I went to the room and restarted the computer and it’s working okay now.

5/9/2012 Reflection


I received a standing ovation for replacing a toner cartridge. I ate a frozen pizza for dinner when I got home.

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