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Twitter sees strong growth in Russia

As I wrote last week, Twitter is starting to expand beyond its English-language roots in the US. Yesterday the Russian search engine Yandex released a short fact sheet on Russian language Twitter users. Here are the highlights (via Nick Wilson):

* Yandex estimates 183 thousand Russian accounts on Twitter
* More than 60% of Russian-speaking users update their Twitter stream every day
* 67% of all Tweets contain links, 8% of Tweets contain links to the media.
* During the winter 2009-2010 the number of Russian-speaking users on Twitter has
increased by 42%. In the year period from March 2009 to March 2010, by 26%.
* About 150 thousand Tweets (messages) are posted each day in Russian. 5% of them are ReTweets.
* There are more than 125 thousands links published on Twitter each day.
* Yandex studies more than 20 microblogging services in RuNet. Every day, more than 2 millions entries are made.

Perhaps most interesting is how strong the growth is during the winter compared to spring – gotta do something during those long Russian winters I guess. Yandex has also created a list of the most popular Russian Twitter users. Not much on the substance of the discussions taking place, but we are starting to dig into that now.

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5 Responses to “Twitter sees strong growth in Russia”

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  3. DF Says:

    хорошая новости

  4. Sheryl James Says:

    Its not only Russia, I mean all the world is floating towards twitter and maximum are those who are using twitter on their mobiles.

  5. Shaun Mcleroy Says:

    Honestly, I do not understand the value of twitter. I read one market research statement that says nearly half of all tweets was “unnecessary babble.” Only 9% had “pass-along value.” Maybe only 4% was “news.” Okay, I’m a senior citizen, but I get Instant Messaging. I get MySpace, FaceBook and Friendster. Heck, I even get an occasional rap song, in case the beat and melody are just right. But this SMS for the net seems a tiny bit too thinly clever — a bit excessive fad and flash in the pan, for my tastes. Possibly there’s a Zen side for this. Any one care to Enlighten me?