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50 Million Tweets a Day

twitter growth

According to the Twitter blog, last year Twitter use grew by 1,400%, and now there are over 50 million tweets a day, or 600 a second on average. Our friends at the Web Ecology Project have done some of the best early research on Twitter. While #iranelection was a major story in 2009, it pales in comparison to the number of Tweets about Michael Jackson’s death (78 per second at its peak) over a similar two week period. In fact, it appears that Jackson’s death actually sucked all the air out of the Iran election discussion on Twitter, according to what Ethan Zuckerman tells me based on Media Cloud data.
While this remains primarily an English language and US-centered technology, it has been interesting to see the growth of other languages, including Russian, which we are digging into more deeply, (to say nothing of the strength of Malay(!) on Twitter). The Russian search giant Yandex already has a number of Tweeters among their top 1000 bloggers, and they reported last year that microblogging platforms have seen impressive growth, led by Twitter but also including Juick, a Jabber application. Whether or not all of this is a good thing we’ll leave up to others to debate, but it seems that the people are voting with their feet on this one.
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4 Responses to “50 Million Tweets a Day”

  1. protein bars Says:

    Immense growth, I think twitter came around at the right time and was accessible to use for everyone as essentially it’s just a facebook status box so any facebook/myspace user could jump straight in and ‘get it’.

    Shocked that portugese is the second most used language though, and in third ‘unreliable’ ha :/

  2. gruvr Says:

    With so many people using twitter to discuss relevant political and government issues of the day, you’d think that the Harvard Internet & Democracy project might have its own twitter account. I looked, but could not find one listed on this blog. Come on folks, get with it and make a twitter account!

    At minimum, you can use to tweet out the latest post on this blog, so I don’t keep missing them!


  3. Yurtable Says:

    What exactly is “unreliable” identified as, anyway?

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