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Al Jazeera on Mousavi’s New Media Campaign

Following up on Hamid’s post yesterday, Al Jazeera English has a story on how the Mousavi campaign is using the Internet, including Facebook and SMS, to its advantage in the Iranian presidential election. Money quote from the Mousavi campaign:

For us the Internet is like the air force in a military campaign. It bombards the enemy’s positions and lays the groundwork for the infantry, our volunteers, so that they can win battles on the ground.

Minus the military analogy, this is not dissimilar from what we heard from the Obama campaign last year.

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Hat Tip: Andrew Sullivan

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2 Responses to “Al Jazeera on Mousavi’s New Media Campaign”

  1. scotthartley Says:

    The use of new media can additionally be corroborated by looking at trends in Internet search volume. For example, over the last 30 days, “debate” search has erupted by “breakout” proportions, and “Mousavi,” as a keyword by 500%.

    Based on earlier data from Google Trends and Google Insights for Search, I highlight this dynamic in a Foreign Policy web-exclusive, “Who’s Winning Iran’s Google War?”

  2. Common in Cambridge » From Router to Ballot Box Says:

    […] Checkout donate button.  Today, on election-eve in Iran, Mousavi appears to have employed similar, tech-savvy, tactics, leveraging SMS, YouTube, and manifold online platforms to bolster his cause.  Catering to the […]