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Is That Putin Junior?

putin reagan photo

This 20-year old photo of Putin posing as a ‘tourist’ while Reagan took a stroll around Red Square with Gorby has been making the rounds on the Internet lately. (Putin is allegedly the blond guy on the left with a camera around his neck.) They don’t mention who the kid is, but I wonder if it’s Putin Jr., since FP reports that all the tourists were really KGB families. I half expect him to be hiding one of those old mad magazine buzzers in his hand to give the leader of the free world a shock as good as the verbal assaults that the KGB agents posing as tourists were throwing at him. Also makes me wonder how real this group of tourists on Medvedev’s blog post are. Photographer Pete Souza, who is Obama’s official photographer and had the same role under Reagan, talked with NPR about the photo here. Great stuff.

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