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President To Keep Crackberry

Photo: Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times

While journalists have been pestering President Obama about his smoking habit, turns out the one addiction he won’t have to kick is the one to his blackberry. Apparently he just wouldn’t take no for an an answer on this one, and his staff have devised a way for a small circle of senior staff, family and friends to get his email address–but only after they get a briefing from the White House lawyers. The Times speculates that this will set off a new round of competition for who gets access to this part of the President. Unfortunately, this very limited circle is not what Obama hoped for. As he put it in a recent interview, he hoped keeping his blackberry would be a way for him to reach outside of his small circle of advisers and be able to hear dissenting opinions. A worthy goal, but the lawyers seem to have quashed it for now.

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