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A New Foreign Policy

…blog, that is. The already excellent foreign affairs blog Passport, by the editors at Foreign Policy magazine, has undergone a major expansion as part of an upgrade to their Web site. It’s well worth checking out. They are now calling the site an online magazine, and have adopted a number of star foreign policy bloggers to write for them. This includes our friend Laura Rozen who has a new blog on the site called The Cable–she’s already digging up scoops on potential candidates for top foreign policy slots in the Obama administration (looks like I’m not the only one waiting for the phone to ring). Long time blogger and Fletcher School professor Dan Drezner has moved his blog to the new site, as well as Harvard heavy weight Stephen Walt who today memorializes Samuel Huntington, and GW’s Marc Lynch (aka Abu Aardvark), among others. An impressive cast. I’ve also been reading Steve Coll’s new blog Think Tank at the New Yorker, which he seems to be growing into–initially he didn’t quite bring the personal touch to his blog, but getting better with dispatches on his recent travels to India and Pakistan. For those stuck in the print age, you can still find Foreign Policy on the news stands as well as online; including articles this month on the impact of the Internet on foreign affairs, one of which highlights the work of our friends over at Ushahidi, and quotes our recent case study on post-election violence in Kenya.

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