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(Indispensable) Corporate Responsibility

Recently I wrote about corporate responsibility and how certain corporations are playing a part in helping other countries stifle certain rights, today I ‘d like to shift my focus to the positive collaboration between big corporations, NGOs in amazing ongoing projects that make a significant, positive difference.

Here are a few examples: Google is developing algorithms that will help detect child pornography and is helping NCMEC find missing children using its pattern recognition and other interesting algorithms. Microsoft in collaboration with UNESCO has organized an educator leaders forum. Speak2me Inc combines education and contextual ads to provide free English lessons in China. UNESCO and Repetto Foundation have launched the Dance for Life partnership with Alicia Alonso, to support educational projects which use dance to help marginalized children.

These are but a few examples of the collaborations ongoing. Numerous corporations have taken strong initiatives in making a difference in our global village. Incentives are numerous; both noble and financially motivated, but the results in most cases are indisputably indispensable!

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