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Susannah Knox – Vol. 26 EIC

After a brief nomination period last week, Susannah Knox emerged as the Journal’s latest editor in chief.  She succeeds 3L Jay Osha who is currently preparing the 25th anniversary edition for publication.  Susannah will serve out her term by overseeing the Journal’s 26th volume. 

Kudos to Ms. Knox — and congratulations to the Journal!


BLJ has a blog!

After much deliberation, BLJ finally has a blog!

The Journal began as a newsletter for the Harvard Black Law Students Association (BLSA), hence it’s name blackletter (as in black newsletter, clever huh?). It’s been a legal journal for 25 years, and with the growing popularity of online media, it seemed only appropriate that the Journal develop it’s own blog. How else would people easily know what the Journal’s editors were up to?