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Hackers retaliate as Turkey’s censorship tightens

Drama is continuing to unfold in Turkey. After website access outages and slowdowns on June 3rd for a variety of Google web services, the Ankara Public Prosecutor requested government IP blocking yesterday to be placed on 44 IP addresses associated with further YouTube and Google services. The Turkish court granted the IP blocks, and the […]

Turkish President Tweets his disdain for Recent Filtration

In tweet from Turkish President Abdullah Gül on June 4th, he made a direct response to the censorship actions that the Turkish government took to block access to In translation, it reads “About Turkey’s YouTube prohibition: I don’t approve of the state’s blocking of Google categories. Legal channels can be found.” After slowdowns and […]

Promote Herdict: Be a Country Leader!

Want to help us spread the word about Herdict?  We’re looking for a few good volunteers to become country leaders, especially for the following locales: Syria, China, Iran, Australia, Morocco, Turkey, Vietnam, Burma, Tunisia, UAE. Being a Herdict Country Leader requires an interest in Internet filtering (censorship), experience using social media, and a desire to […]

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