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Current data privacy laws undermine expressive freedoms

A recent court ruling has highlighted the need to update the Stored Communications Act (SCA), a federal statute, enacted in 1986, that circumscribes privacy rights in electronic communications. The protections afforded by the SCA do not reflect the breadth and depth of personal data that service providers such as cell phone carriers, email services, and […]

Chinese Censorship Aimed at Preventing Collective Action

Back in 2009 when President Obama paid his first visit to China, the President came out and stated that he was a “big supporter of non-censorship,” claiming that criticism helped him to better serve the needs of the American people. “The more freely information flows, the stronger society becomes as citizens can hold their governments […]

BREIN battles WordPress proxy

With online freedom of expression under constant threat, some people help maintain an open Internet by using proxies or mirroring content.  However, creating new routes of access to blocked sites has traditionally been daunting for the less tech-savvy.  Several recent projects are aiming to making circumvention easier; in turn, they are becoming targets of censorship […]

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