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Resources for Online Anonymity, Encryption, and Privacy

There are many tools available to help Internet users reach the content they seek more securely, safely, anonymously, and reliably. But the thicket of acronyms and technological terms can be intimidating to many people. What’s a VPN? How is that different than a proxy? Does “private browsing” stop my ISP from looking at my data? […]

Tracking Censorship Openly

On Monday, Andy Greenberg with Forbes wrote a blog post about the Open Observatory for Network Interference (OONI).  OONI is a new tool for helping to identify Internet censorship.  As I recently wrote on Google’s policy blog, identifying censorship, filtering, and other web blockages is a difficult challenge, and addressing it requires obtaining data from all […]

The challenges of censorship detection

When I lived in Washington, DC, I was lucky enough to be on the same power grid as the local power company’s headquarters. During an outage, the utility’s site would show me a near-live map displaying how many customers were without power, where they were located and most importantly, where repair crews were headed next. […]

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