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A Herdict Experiment for Wisconsonites

There’s a great follow-up piece on Tech President about the blockage on the guest wireless of the Wisconsin Capitol, including a quote from our blog post about it.  One of the possibilities raised there is that the Wisconsin Capitol uses a Websense product on its guest wireless, and was blocked as a result of being added to Websense’s advocacy list.  We can’t be sure this is what happened, so we’re proposing an experiment to test this hypothesis.

We’ve added a list of ten sites on Websense’s advocacy list to the top of our testing queue for the US.  If people connected to the Wisconsin Capitol guest wireless cannot get to these sites, then it’s a pretty good indication that they are indeed blocking the advocacy list.  Wisconsonites, lend us your browsers!

About the Author: lmiyakawa

Laura Miyakawa is the Project Manager for Herdict. In this role, she directs the tactics and the long term strategy for the site. Prior to joining the Berkman Center, Laura worked with the Boston Consulting Group, developing strategies for high tech clients up and down the East coast. While at BCG, she had the opportunity to work in outback Australia on a Welfare Reform pilot. Recently, she worked as a commercialization associate at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, where she handled all patenting and licensing decisions for the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. Laura holds bachelors and masters degrees in electrical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and MIT, respectively.

One Comment to “A Herdict Experiment for Wisconsonites”

  1. lmiyakawa:

    Appreciate the thoughts and feedback. Agree that these sites may have already been added to a whitelist. Any suggestions for smaller/younger/Wisconsin-er sites we should be testing?