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Russian Provider Admits to Filtering: Report to Herdict!

Correction: We incorrectly remarked that ISP Yota admitted to blocking three sites (below).  In fact, users have complained that they cannot access those sites, however, Yota has only acknowledged blocking access to “sites that are classified as extremist by the Justice Ministry”  such as the Chechen “rebel” site

According to a recent article in The Moscow Times, Russian ISP Yota, which is co-owned by Russian Technologies, admitted to blocking some web sites, <strike>including Garry Kasparov’s, Solidarity’s and the banned National Bolshevik Party’s</strike> over the past few weeks. was reported as inaccessible to Herdict twice on December 3, while and were each reported once.

Are you in Russia?  Help us find out if the sites are really inaccessible.  Go to and click “Test these sites” – you will be sent directly to a queue which includes them, as well as other potentially filtered sites.

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