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Friday Top 5: Countries Visiting

We here at Herdict love Google Analytics – it allows us to see who’s visiting the site and what pages interest them the most.  It even allows us to see who’s downloading our add-ons!  And so, this week we’ll be discussing those who matter the most – YOU!

1. Herdict is based in the U.S., so it’s no surprise that the largest number of our visitors come from there.  Perhaps a bit more interesting is that the state bringing us the most visitors is sunny Florida!  Who would’ve thought?  I wonder what kind of filtering they have going on down there…

2. China comes in at number two this week (which is fantastic, since we just launched Herdict in Chinese!)  In the past week, we’ve seen visitors from 80 different cities across China.

3. Coming in at number three this week is Germany, from where we’ve had a surprising number of inaccessible reports (though we have not confirmed that any equate to instances of filtering).   The best news?  80% of those visits were new users!

4. Country #4 this week is France – but with this article relased in today’s LeMonde, we expect France to rise in the rankings for next week!

5. Sliding in at number 5 is Singapore, from where 86% of this week’s users are new (welcome, Singaporeans!)  Although Singaporeans are visiting the site in large numbers, in terms of reports, Singapore is ranked at #15 in the herd.
And just for fun, here are the top five cities in which members of the Herd are downloading the add-on:

1. Beijing (China)

2. New York (U.S.)

3. Chisinau (Moldova)

4. Rennes (France)

5. Berlin (Germany)

About the Author: Jillian York

Jillian C. York is the Project Coordinator for the OpenNet Initiative and the part of the Herdict team that you should contact if you have any questions about other-language instances of the site or international press. She created most of the textual content on the site, so if you spot something funny, let her know! She's also the face behind the @Herdict Twitter feed.

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