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Sunday, January 28th, 2007

Holy cow.

If UNC made this mistake randomly, and if you could get data on these kids in a few years, there must be at least a few good papers to be written.

New Green Bo recommendations

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

New Green Bo is an absolutely phenomenal Shanghai-cuisine restaurant in Manhattan’s Chinatown. I was first introduced to a number of years ago, and it has become my standby for delicious Chinese food in New York. Jesse’s recommended dishes (those I can also vouch for are starred):


  • Steamed crab meat and pork tiny buns*
  • Steamed tiny buns with pork*
  • Fried pork dumplings*
  • Scallion pancake*
  • Turnip and ham pastry

Special cold dishes

  • Aromatic beef
  • Wine chicken
  • Spicy cabbage
  • Shanghai vegetarian mock duck*


  • Shredded pork with Szechuan cabbage soup
  • Shredded pork with bean curd potage
  • Yellow fish potage


  • Baby shrimp with dry seaweed
  • Sauteed eel
  • Fish belly in brown sauce
  • Yellow fish with dry seaweed*
  • Whole fish in chili sauce*
  • Crispy whole fish*
  • Whole fish Szechuan style
  • Sauteed fish fillet
  • Shrimp with asparagus

Beef and pork

  • Pork chop with salted pepper
  • Pork with bean curd skin, preserved cabbage, and soy bean
  • Stewed pork with bean curd skin
  • Stewed pork with dried preserved cabbage
  • Stewed pork with salted fish
  • Tong po pork (with four buns)*


  • Bean curd puff with squash
  • Eggplant with garlic sauce*
  • Bean curd puff with Shanghai cabbage
  • Sauteed pea tip
  • Sauteed water spinach


  • Stuffed bean curd skin and puff with minced pork with bean noodle casserole

Shanghai lo mein

  • Any

Rice cakes

  • Any*

I can’t recommend this restaurant highly enough for someone looking for an inexpensive, delicious, and authentic meal in New York.

Free tunes, every week

Thursday, January 4th, 2007


Apple gives away two or three tracks each week, but they can only be downloaded during the week.

Music for Robots‘ choices can be hit-or-miss for my taste, but has introduced me to some real favorites like Joey Beats, Bishop Allen (who are somehow releasing an EP a month this year), Luke Temple, and Miss Fairchild.