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First Post


Ok, so this is my first post in the renewed effort to blog. This poll just went out over the dems-talk email list.  It suggests that the republicans are in trouble. Two things strike me:

1. It’s a sad reflection on our political system  that many analysts predict the democrats won’t be able to retake the houses of congress.  Gerrymandering has reached such a point that another 1994 is probably impossible. If the democrats can’t win now, when can they ever win?

2.  The graph itself is interesting.  Generally speaking it is always trending downward except for two everts which cause upward spikes.  First, 9/11.  That’s too be expected.  Second, the war in iraq.  And this caused a spike pretty much across the board.  The Wag the Dog story seems to be all too true.

Less serious thoughts next time

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