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May 4, 2006

ftc unveils its high-test oil and gas info website

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 12:26 pm

The Federal Trade Commission announced its new and improved

Oil and Gas Industry Initiatives website today.  (press release,

May 4, 2006) It looks like a very useful tool for consumers (or

webloggers) who want to do more than whine over gas prices.

Instead, the FTC can help them (a) learn how to reduce their oil,

gas, energy consumption; or (b) become better informed about

pricing and regulatory news concerning the industry (before forming

opinions on those issues).  Commission Chairman Deborah Platt

Majoras explains:


We want consumers to have useful information that cuts

through any confusion and helps them understand what is

happening with gas prices.  The information on the Web page

will provide users with clear and understandable information

about what experts tell us is currently happening in the

petroleum markets.”

The site’s Overview page states:

“The Federal Trade Commission maintains competition

in the petroleum industry, and has invoked all the powers

at its disposal —  including the investigation of possible

antitrust violations, the prosecution of cases, the prepara-

tion of studies, and advocacy before other government

agencies to protect consumers from anticompetitive

conduct and unfair or deceptive acts or practices in the

industry. In doing so, the FTC has assembled vast compe-

tition policy and enforcement expertise in matters affecting

the production and distribution of gasoline.


“This website describes the FTC’s oversight of the petroleum

industry, with special sections on our activities related to

merger enforcement, anticompetitive nonmerger activity, and

gasoline price data. It also features reports and economic

working papers, Congressional testimony, advocacy work,

conference proceedings, and studies. Check it often for up-

dates and information on new initiatives.”




Check out the Savings Starts at Home Section, which includes a

new “Garage” e-pamphlet “Fuel Economy: Getting Up to Speed,”

along with information for saving money and reducing energy use

throughout your home.



p.s. update (4 PM): Both Your Editor and his webserver have

been undergoing an energy shortage lately.  My personal

excuse can be partly found here.  The webserver has been

slower and less reliable than usual, because Harvard webloggers

are en masse moving to a better, faster, more reliable webserver,

thus overwhelming the older one.  See Harvard Crimson on the

Webserver Upgrade, May 4, 2006). The f/k/a Gang has been trying

to migrate, too, but this weblog takes up so much server-space

(due to its many images, and possibly its tendency toward pundit

prolixity) that the migration keeps getting stalled.  Please excuse

any inconvenient lack of access [and RSS feed problems] while we

try to improve our personal and virtual vitality.




from Mom’s to Dad’s

the clickity-clack

of suitcase wheels






moving day–

warm rain

on cardboard





Christmas Eve–

the hum of power lines

just pass the mall




long dusty road:

I wait by the mailbox

for the cloud





watering the grass–

a smile from the man

who passes by



New Resonance 3: Emerging Voices (Red Moon Press 2003)

“watering the grass” – frogpond XXV: 1

“long dusty road” – frogpond XXIII:2

“moving day” – The Heron’s Nest IV:7

“Christmas eve” – beyond spring rain





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