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April 22, 2006

a little less obsession would be nice

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 6:37 pm

Once again, it seems to be time for Your Editor to take about “12 Steps”

away from my laptop.  At least figuratively — and at least regarding the

punditry portion of this multi-personality-but-sole-proprietor weblog.  As 

it has on numerous occasions, contentious commentary is wearing me

out (see e.g.,thatthis and this — somewhat explained by that)


napper gray sm


Focusing on serious stuff even kept me from investigating K.D. Wenger’s

Opinions, until last night (thanks to a reminder at Suz‘s place). Although a

number of the mental illness categories seem potentially relevant to one or

more of my f/k/a alter egos, one passage from Wengler’s piece resonated

the most

Delusional. Bloggers who exhibit any of the following symptoms:

Belief that blogging counts as actual scholarship; belief that blog-

ging makes them sexy or desirable; belief that Glenn Reynolds

actually reads their blog; belief that blogging is an acceptable

substitute for a social life. Surefire diagnosis: Bloggers observed

making repeated, insistent statements that “blogging is not a

waste of time.”



So, I am once again making a public promise to myself to keep the

punditry less intense — or at least brief — for the time being.


Will this attempt to bite off less and savor more do me any good?  My

track record hasn’t been great when it comes to curing hyper-posting.

As “we” confessed on our About page: “So far, health-related attempts

to keep commentary as short as our poetry have failed.”  Wish “us”


tiny check  Although my going public as a chronic member

of Webloggers Anonymous is somewhat daunting,

there is one very good advantage to writing under

one’s own name (and acknowledged pseudonynms):

Your Editor does not have to join certain nameless 

editors at Anonymous Webloggers Anonymous.

Where would their chapter meet?


tiny check Advice for those Wanting to Spend Less Time Reading Weblogs:


laptop in bed

Do not stop by Suz at Large (like I did late last night) for a

supposed “quick visit.”   There is simply far too much inter-

esting material at Suz’s place — served up with attitude,

humor, and some great photography.

What can a humble editor say about a weblog

that is willing to use our entire tagline in its

Worth A Look” blogroll, so its readers might

have a better idea what lies behind the vague

weblog name f/k/a?  [“Thank you,” would be

nice, David.]  Suz‘s own tagline is on target.


tiny check Advice for those Wanting to Spend Less Time Reading

Great Haiku:


Do not purchase the recently-published, first annualized

version of The Heron’s Nest (Vol. VII, 2005).  For only 

$15, you’d get all of the poetry selected by THN‘s choosy

editors, for its quarterly online editions in 2005 – – about

500 haiku from 200 haijin.  And, please, stay away from

the subscription information at the THN website.


Further Warning: The Heron’s Nest (Vol. VII, 2005) includes

its Readers’ Choice Award winners and commentary.  As we

proudly announced back on Feb. 28, f/k/a‘s Honored Guest

poet Carolyn Hall received the Awards for both best poem and 

favorite poet for 2005.   Maybe, if you read a few of her haiku

here, you won’t be tempted to loll away a few evenings with

The Heron’s Nest (2005) in your hands, or THN’s website on

your computer screen.





in a foreign tongue
summer stars







rain-streaked windows
    how to paint
    the finch’s song



the tulips
wide open




river rock —

the folded wings

of a damselfly


Carolyn Hall from The Heron’s Nest (Vol. VII, 2005) 



tiny check  Advice to those Wanting to Make More Money as Prosecutors

(1) Do not meet with Boston Globe editors and reporters and 

suggest “that because defense lawyers hold key positions

in the House, members may tend to be more sympathetic to the

defense bar.” [See Boston Globe, “District Attorneys seek increase

in funds:State’s prosecutors say they can’t keep seasoned veterans,

April 22, 2006]

[obvious ed. note: The lawyers on the Mass. House appropria-

tions and judiciary committees are the very people the D.A.s

must butter-up to increased appropriations.]



(2) Do try to find a few “seasoned veterans” in the lobbying business

to vet your publicity drives.

[more subtle ed. note: Forget your image of “Boston Lawyers.”

Our bar advocate blurbs page and essay bar & guild should

suggest that Massachusetts lawyers can be rather oblivious

to decorum and appearances when they’re trying to increase

their own incomes.] 


(3) Do get more articles planted like this one in today’s Globe:



p.s. Where are our priorities?  Until the evening news, we forgot today

is Earth Day. (Gees, even G.W. Bush remembered!)  The same thing

almost happened in 2003: see earth to Yabut . . .   


earth’s birthday:


our Valentine cards




Earth Day:

driving her Hummer

to the Recycling Center





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