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April 14, 2006

no haiku deficit allowed at this weblog

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 9:56 am

Peridementia struck again yesterday, it seems.

I spent an entire day without posting haiku from

one of our fine Honored Guest Poets.  We don’t

allow haiku i.o.u.’s to sit around unpaid.


So, please enjoy the poetry of Rebecca Lilly: 




The whipporwill pauses…

wisps of fog moving

over a starlit pond






Spindly-legged fawn–

goldenrod gently sways

in the morning sun







A clear hot day

the silence

behind the butterfly





Afternoon warmth–

a soft breeze curling

falled peony petals





Full moon by her bed

my daughter asks

the meaning of death


from Shadwell Hills (Birch Prees Press, 2002)




bombFuse Need a headache?  Read the continuing bickering between Ted and

Evan, here.   Distorted facts and nasty Comments really bring me down.  I continue

to believe that they are one very big reason why relatively few women participate

in weblogging — as proprietors or readers.  I’m thankful for the handful of law-

related weblogs where the discussion stays civil, and I hope to do my best

to make this one of them.


tiny check  Yes, it is irreverent, but I must point you to this week’s edition

of the This Modern World comic strip, by Tom Tomorrow.  Naturally,

for Holy Week, it’s called “The Passion of the Hammer.”


tiny check Who can I blame?  I totally forgot to meniton yesterday that April 13

is Blame Someone Else Day.   Although Good Friday may not be the

best time for a belated celebration, it is also not particularly appropriate

(in many homes) for the April 14th designation: “Moment of Laughter Day.”


more potluck (7 PM):

tiny check Stick in the eyeAlbany Eye helped explain why I’ve gotten nothing but tv-snow

on my screen, the past three days, as I’ve attempted to watch my favorite Public Tele-

vision news shows (BBC World News, The PBS News Hour, and Charlie Rose).

Our local station, WMHT TV, put this notice at the top of its webpage (in purple, yet): 

Attention – Due to a malfunction involving the WMHT TV antenna, we are   tv

unable to broadcast programming to viewers who receive the station through

a home antenna (indoor or outdoor). This situation may last for several days.

. . . . We apologize for any inconvience this may cause you.”


[yes, dear reader, my home is not equipped with cable or satellite tv]

Tonight, I particularly wish I could see Charlie Rose’s show, where guests include

Garry Wills (Author, “What Jesus Meant”) and Kevin Phillips (Author, “American

Theocracy”).  And, Charlie, please get better soon.  You are missed. [Nothing like

guest hosts to make you miss a really good host.  Hmm.  Maybe I should try that.] 




On a much less grumpy note, as I look forward to seeing my parents and extended

family in Rochester for Easter, I ran across this great photo of my brother and I, with

my Dad, on Dad’s 75th birthday, back in 1994.  Seeing us all smiling makes me feel

good. Take a look.   Maybe we’ll be able to replicate the shot — this time including the

fourth Giacalone Guy, James A. Giacalone, who wasn’t born back in ’94.


“tinyredcheck”  Speaking of Rochester, here’s a handful of haiku

from native son Tom Painting:



motel room reality t.v.




a chain
across the park road
moon shadows




empty house
each room an echo
of its own




pickup g pickup g




traffic backed up
to the interstate





pickup truck

an old retriever

laps the wind




“motel” – modern haiku 36:2

“Gettysburg” – Heron’s Nest VI:7; New Resonance 2

“a chain” – nlapw 3/05 finalist

“empty house” – penumbra 2005 finalist

“pickup truck” — The Heron’s Nest 5.5 (May 2003) 


                                                                                                                        full moon



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