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April 9, 2006


Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 2:37 pm

In about ten hours, this website will be hosting Blawg Review #52.

Like any good procrastinator-Host, I’ve been finding lots of ancillary

things to do before preparing the appetizers and entree (or even

doing the grocery shopping) for the expected crowd of visitors tomor-

row.  Spring cleaning has meant clearing out a few weblog cobwebs

and stuffing some items into closets and under rugs. (even re-did the 

introduction to f/k/a on the About page)


the mirror

wiped clean

for a guest


     from Quiet Enough


computer weary 


Naturally, I’ve had no time for Sunday punditry (nor checking out

NYT or WashPo yet).   Here and here, Howard Bashman has

collected links regarding Avila v. Citrus Community College

District, the intentional beanball” decision, which fans, players,

and parents should all find quite interesting.  The Supreme Court

of California (S119575) held:

“For better or worse, being intentionally thrown at is a

fundamental part and inherent risk of the sport of baseball.

It is not the function of tort law to police such conduct.”

I’m afraid they’d come to the same conclusion if I sued the anony-

mous Blawg Review Editor for the headache this little project is giving

me.  So, I shall make the best of it.  Maybe baseball haiku will soothe

my migraine (or yours).


proud host

his orchard bursting

with fireflies



tiny check Enjoy this lovely April day of rest.  Here are a few poems

relating to Palm Sunday (If doing Blawg Review is an accep-

table reason for missing Church, it may be worth it afterall.):



palm sunday

the gospel choir

hypnotically swaying


    ed markowski 








Saturday night

a priest crosses the road

with an armful of palms








Palm Sunday

following the plow

to church



“Saturday Night” – Some of the Silence (Red Moon Press,1999):

“Palm Sunday” – Quiet Enough, Red Moon Press, 2004




the boys giggle

when the priest say “ass” —

Palm Sunday




                                                                                  laptop in bed


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