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April 6, 2006

haiku — you collect, no contingency

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At f/k/a, you get all the haiku you deserve —

Every visit is free.  No contingencies.  No fine print.


Here’s your reward today from andrew riutta:



darkening more

and more in morning light,

one crow




snow melt . . .

her only footprint

touches the earth





holding her umbilical cord

at the middle . . .

each end already taken


“darkening more” & “snow melt” – Acorn 2005

“umbilical cord” – Presence 2005


tiny check  Not enough?  Try a few Tanka by Andrew, from

Simply Haiku (Spring 2006) Click for more.



become months
become years . . .
in moonlight
my beer stays cold



drunks stumble in and out of her
like cartoon characters—
wet with fallen leaves
this dark road home




peeking into
this wormhole in my apple
I see a poet
thirty years from now
still dressed like a plumber




at my age
falling in love
with the person
she thought I was—
autumn graveyard





I bought myself a new hat
with ear flaps . . .
today, myriad thoughts
muffle the falling snow




one lone cricket
louder than all the others—
not one of us
has ever found the words
to comfort the living




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