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April 4, 2006

our baseball (haiku) team undefeated

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The Major League Baseball 2006 season opened yesterday (April 3),
as many readers surely know.  No matter how enthusiastic or indiffer-
ent you (or we) may be about MLB, we hope you’ll agree that f/k/a‘s
Baseball Haiku Page still inspires and delights both young and old.
BushFirstPitch G.W.Bush
Charles Dharapak/AP
The Detroit Tigers, Ed Markowski‘s homeboys, won their opener,
but the lifelong fan in Ed is not yet ordering World Series Tickets.
Like last year, Ed continues to be inspired by baseball, when he
switches to his haijin hat.

                      snowflakes tumble & curve
                            the baseball season
      April snow
         the home team falls
             7 games back
April chill
the hitter blows
on his batting glove
“InfielderF”  You’ll find about 20 ed markowski baseball poems
on the Baseball Haiku page.   Here are a few samples from
three other Honored Guest Poets:

warm beer–
heat lightning flickers
beyond the outfield
       frogpond (2004)

nearly dark–

snow deepens

on the baseball field


  Billie Wilson – “nearly dark” – Acorn 15 (2005)



of the old man’s


my so-called friends
send in my sister
to pinch-hit for me

 John Stevenson   – “extra innings” – Quiet Enough

two outs in the ninth–
the reliever bangs the ball
against his cup

behind barbed wire
the banter of baseball
in two languages

tiny check  You may recall that Joel Schoenmeyer of Death & Taxes and
had a debate last month on making probate court more user-friendly
for pro so litigants.  See probate and pro se: whose court is it?  On
a related front, the legal reform group HALT announced yesterday, in
its April 3, 2006 e-Journal that the Consumer Federation of America
has endorsed the following proposal:
Enhancements to Probate Web Sites
CFA urges states to improve the content and user-
friendliness of their probate court Web sites. Consumers
should be able to go online and easily find plain-language
information and forms for settling a small estate.
[thanks to Prof. Gerry Beyer of the WT&EProfBlog for
linking to this post and covering the topic of probate websites.]
“spiltwine”  You might want to ponder, along with Tom Wark of the
Fermentation Daily Wine Blog, “Why Are Drinkers Smarter?” (tip
from A Fool in the Forest and his Blawg Review 51 Prequel)  Plus,
see Tom’s blurb — Divorce and Wine — pointing to Jeff Lalloway‘s
California family law weblog and its discussion of taxes, wine & divorce.
this body of mine
part temple
part tavern
        the old priest dines
                his wine
                just wine
“this body” – Dewdrop World (2005)
“old priest ” – the thin curve:; Modern Haiku XXX: 1
tiny check  Some poor soul Googled how to get out of the legal profession> 
yesterday (and again today).  Out of 152 million results, the first two
are from us.  You could do a lot worse than reading them this
gray (and even snowy) afternoon, if you need inspiration or better

Jersey Appellate Judge Jose L. Fuentes)  and
                                                                                                      at bat neg  “snowflakeSN”

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